(And really, the idea that one woman can be blamed for the demise of Johnson’s marriage is like singling out one particular raindrop for flood damage.)

6 thoughts on “Heh”

  1. “Sleeping with someone else’s husband may not be ideal, but the idea that the morality of a single woman who sleeps with a married man is at least as suspect as that of the man she is sleeping with is an idea so old and tired it can rightly be described as biblical.”

    In other words: I’m a misandrist shrew who wants him burned (unless he’s a Labour politician of course) but her left alone.

  2. I’d be inclined to agree with Hadley(that they’re not equally morally culpable) but she’s made that point over a rather a strawfilled projection of the tabloid reports.

    Most people want to see a picture of the lady in question. The sun obliges. The more photogenic the better, but not one splashed their headlines with ‘home-wrecker’.

  3. Boris is the best shot against the Fish Faced Cow.

    Hence the extra negative attention esp from that new remainiac POS who replaced Daycare at the Daily Mail.

    Boris can fuck whoever so long as we get a decent Brexit.

  4. ..is like singling out one particular raindrop for flood damage…

    Or the particular bean in a tin of baked beans that will make you fart.

  5. I’m just waiting for Diane Abbott’s husband to announce he’s divorcing her because of her affair with a 6-packed sporting megastar.

  6. BoJo’s wife Marina has allegedly been unfaithful too and is allegedly the woman who was arrested for having sex outside Kings Cross(?) with another solicitor.

    On who is worse: man vs woman infidelity – I’d say woman for anatomical, behavioural and “consent” reasons.

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