How interesting

British businesses will be hit by a “sledgehammer” of red tape that will increase costs for companies and damage trade should the UK bow out of Europe without securing a Brexit agreement.

We leave the fount of red tape and we’ll have more? And we’ve already put all that red tape into domestic law anyway?

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  1. Seems entirely likely. A you say, all the EU stuff’s been incorporated into UK law. Now you’re going to have an entirely new bunch of regulators to regulate what was previously regulated at the EU level. The idea that regulators won’t demand their own regulations to stick on top’s a non-starter. How else are they going to justify themselves?

  2. When I went into practice about 13 years ago, we had a code of conduct which was about 20 pages long. Then the Bar Standards Board was invented. Now we have a ‘Handbook’ running to hundreds of pages.

  3. Yes. You have the transition costs eg contract changes, Uk markings etc plus the fact that what was argued with officials and pretty much bypassed the U.K. parliament by negative assent statutory implement will now get much more politicised.

    Experienced suggests that unless a great deal of power is passed to agency style regulators subject to parliamentary overview instead of direct rule the level of competence of the U.K. regulatory machine will fall.

  4. @Edward Lud

    That is – sadly – part of the bureaucratization that runs parallel to, but sometimes quite separate from, government regulation.

    I hate it. The staff woman at the post office said to me “life’s getting so much more complicated” as I got my proof of postage for a bunch of forms and other assorted paperwork. I am sure she’s right – I seem to spend a lot more time filling in forms than I used to, and there seems to be far more guidance notes etc to wade through (professional and otherwise). People I know who do voluntary work also report being swamped with paperwork, which must have a serious social cost.

  5. MBE, nowadays when I take my daughter to the swimming pool at my gym I have to fill out a form each time – contact details, allergies and so on. It’s not hard to understand why it’s done. But we just used to walk into the swimming pool with our trunks and goggles wrapped in a towel. Was that really such a disastrous way of doing things?

  6. Only if we allow it.

    Escaping the shithole EU was only ever step one. We must put down the WOMI trash or see our lives get steadily worse.

    Bonfire the majority of laws and take away their power to create more. Repeal most that now exist and match the 100 year migrant vote with a 100 year moratorium on new laws. Or at least new laws that give them power and take ours.

    The time is nearly here. Wake up or die in your sleep.

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