How much do hashtags cost?

Just hours later, CBS announced that Moonves would depart as chairman, president and CEO “effective immediately,” and that he and the network would donate $20 million to supporting the #MeToo movement and equality for women in the workplace.

And who is the movement that gets the cash?

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  1. Heh.

    First check in a year that they actually do “donate” the money. There’s a lot of promises never fulfilled. No-one checks.

    Then make sure it isn’t an in-house charity, where the money effectively goes straight back in the coffers. US overseas “aid” paid to US companies springs to mind.

    Next check the actual recipient organisation isn’t just a group of well-to-do wives “doing charity” as their occupation. The money will be spent on their salaries and commercial advertising. A few big ad runs will swallow $20 million very quickly (and there’ll be a “paid for” advertising for the company too).

    It’s possible that most of the money may go to some actual needy. That’s not how most charity money is spent though.

  2. ‘and that he and the network would donate $20 million to supporting the #MeToo movement and equality for women in the workplace.’

    How did ‘equality for women in the workplace’ creep into this? So it really isn’t about sex?

  3. Women who were willing to suck dick for career advancement–for it seems none of the accusers were tied up in MoonWatchers basement or anything actually coercive like that–but are now full of sanctimonious wrath are scummy hypocrites. They could have said NO –and as with Weinstein it is not clear what harm Moonie could or did do to them–and complained at the time. The lying femmi-commissar shite we are supposed to believe is “becos patriarchy etc no one would believe” etc. etc, ad vomito.

    Bullshit–they are looking for more pay-offs and attention. We already know they are greedy and self-serving enough to sink low in the cause of their own gain–and they are still at it.

    Moonboots made them an offer and they accepted or didn’t. He was a representative of others –shareholders etc–and shouldn’t have mixed business with his urges. He has done commercial wrong clearly. But that is it.

    Piss on MeMeMeMeToo.

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