How to make the financial system safer

Ten years after the crash: have the lessons of Lehman been learned?
Our panel of writers considers what has changed – and what still needs to

OK, reasonable point for discussion.

Yanis Varoufakis:

Second, trade agreements must commit governments of poorer countries to minimum living wages for their workers.

Killing the ability of poor places to get richer makes the financial system safer, does it?

4 thoughts on “How to make the financial system safer”

  1. It’s a bit surprising to find Varoufakis promoting the idea that less wealthy countries should suffer economic coercion from their wealthier trading partners.

  2. Varoufakis is bright and rich. The EU shafted him (as Greece’s rep.) royally.

    Yet the socialist in him wants more big government and coercion and to ignore markets?

    You can take a socialist out of poverty but you can’t take the poverty (of ideas) out of the socialist!

  3. ‘Our panel of writers considers what has changed – and what still needs to’

    I see the problem: they need new writers.*

    *Okay, yes, that was cheap, a Captain Obvious point.

  4. It doesn’t matter here whether “minimum living wages” make the poor richer or poorer or stops the poor getting rich. The question as I understood it was the stability and security of financial systems; Varoufakis appears to be addressing a different topic entirely.

    He writes a lovely book on what fun it was negotiating with the EU apparatchiks. They must have read it thinking “likewise”.

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