I wouldn’t say I was surprised by this

Gerard Batten, the Ukip leader, said he would approve of membership for English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson as a row with Nigel Farage worsened over the direction of the party.

Mr Batten said Robinson would not be admitted to Ukip “in the near future” because it would require changes to the party’s rules but he insisted the controversial figure was not “far Right” and had his backing.

Mr Farage said he was “really upset” over the suggestion Robinson could be allowed to join Ukip as he accused Mr Batten of marginalising the party.

Not surprised, no. Civil war’s going a little far, obviously, but disagreement, yes.

16 thoughts on “I wouldn’t say I was surprised by this”

  1. Interesting because Batten does actually seem to have a game-plan about what UKIP’s purpose should be now the issue of the EU referendum’s out the way. A populist party. And heaven knows the UK needs a party actually listens to the electorate, rather than parties expect the electorate to listen to them & do what they’re told.
    Yes that’ll get the political/media complex frothing at the mouth. But that hasn’t done Trump or some of the European parties any harm, has it?

  2. Actually Longrider, “far right” means strongly opposed to immigration.

    Any party, no matter how left-wing their economic policies, who opposes immigration is “far right”.

    The Front National in France, for example, has loopy left-wing protectionist ideas. But their stance on immigration over-rides any of that.

  3. @Chester…

    That’s true also of the (almost late) BNP… Very left-wing policies, just with added racism, therefore “far right”,

  4. I wonder if Farrage has done more harm than good to UKIP, why shouldn’t Robinson join?, the Lib Dems have an ex Islamist member.

  5. @Chester Draws. That too. Again, most ordinary people don’t want uncontrolled mass immigration. And, yes, Le Pen is anything but far right. As far as the French are concerned, her protectionist policies are a better fit than Macron’s.

  6. “I wonder if Farrage has done more harm than good to UKIP”
    UKIP as a campaigning party for a Brexit referendum, certainly not. He was an inspiration & the driving force. UKIP was Farage. But post referendum… About 18 months before the referendum, when UKIP were already riding high in the European parliament & gathering general support & a referendum was starting to look a distinct possibility I asked someone very close to Farage & Nutall (Tim’ll know who I mean) what the plan was if they got it & got a leave vote? I was told “Wait & see.” I’m still waiting. When I ask the same person what the idealogical basis of the party’s supposed to be, it’s a hodge podge. Part laissez-fair entreprenurealism. With a strong dose of protectionalism, where his particular interests are concerned. He might have spent a lot of time out canvassing on people’s doorsteps. He may have done a lot of advocacy for a referendum. But very little listening. Actually, his politics are those of the Tory party before it got hollowed out by the corporate socialist progressives.
    There’s too may of those through UKIP & they’re incompatible with the natural Labour voters UKIP was pulling away to vote Leave. So you get this argument over Tommy Robinson.
    What isn’t understood is there’s a lot of dissatisfied people who’ve flirted with the far right because the main parties ignore them & have nothing to offer them. They’re not extremists. Far from it. They’re what comprised the middle ground before the progressives went on a rampage through the main parties & the media got taken over. UKIP should be offering them a home. Of course the media & the “great & good” will deplore them. But Trump has shown how that sort of sneering plays with the deplorables.

  7. “Actually, his politics are those of the Tory party before it got hollowed out by the corporate socialist progressives”

    An excellent man in other words.

  8. I remember (but can’t find proof) Farage being asked what UKIP would do after the UK (hypothetically, this was before the referendum) left the EU. His reply was to the effect that he thought it should disband – job done.

  9. I remember doing well in 2004, when RKS, was far more prominent than Farrage, if Nigel had got on well with others than UKIP would have done a lot better. Personally I think the EU defenders , who scored so many home goals. Did so much more than Nigel

  10. @PCar,
    If he doesn’t cave in to their demands, I don’t think we can say he’s broken. Beaten up though, yes.

    The state would have been wiser to ignore him. As it stands, the more I hear, the more I am sympathetic to his cause.

  11. The Daily Mail under their new remainiac prick are playing the “Tough Theresa” cockrot already.

    And supporting Chequers of course. Lets hope their sellout kills them.

  12. @Ben S

    Broken as he was on verge of tears in the first
    vid – hence technical fault? He seems really scared of being locked up again.

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