Ignorant young woman refusing to learn anything

The Swedish 15-year-old who’s cutting class to fight the climate crisis

By definition this bird is ignorant. That’s why we all insist she must be in education, because we equally insist she doesn’t know enough about reality.

Then she insists that she’s not going to learn anything more.

Yes, well done, that’ll help.

15 thoughts on “Ignorant young woman refusing to learn anything”

  1. Au contraire Tim. I foresee a short, useless but probably quite interesting career for her as an environmental figurehead 🙂

  2. The only essential skill for young swedish women is to be able to stand up in planes.

    When they’ve put that skill into practice for a while they will no doubt be spending a lot of time on their backs.

  3. Slap her around a bit and see if her tune changes. A shot to the chops will sometimes begin a change of heart in the over-indulged.

    And take away her modern lifestyle. Make her sleep in an unheated hut in the approaching winter as her eco-friendly primitive ancestors did.

    Then we’ll see.

  4. Greta has Asperger’s syndrome,

    It seems particularly cruel to brainwash autistic kids into thinking climate change is going to create hell on Earth.

    How is this different from the psycho religious mom in CARRIE?

  5. Somehow, I doubt she’s at all concerned about the fact that 58% of all those convicted in Sweden in the last five years for rape and attempted rape were born abroad…

    The little prig is more interested in ‘saving the world’ than saving her country.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    “The only essential skill for young swedish women is to be able to stand up in planes.

    When they’ve put that skill into practice for a while they will no doubt be spending a lot of time on their backs.”

    No surprise here:

    So one thing that anybody could tell was that Ms Ersson’s 52-year old Afghan migrant was an anomaly. And there are often reasons for anomalies. Sure enough, in the days since Ms Ersson became famous it has turned out that her 52-year old failed asylum seeker had reportedly been issued a two-year prison sentence in Sweden for assault. This sentence is on the harsh side in Sweden for an assault charge, so it will be interesting to discover just how severe the assault was that Ms Ersson’s illegal migrant was convicted of, and who the victim – or victims – of that assault might have been. As ever in such cases there is a difficulty getting the specifics. Firstly because so few people – including very few media – want to chase up the facts. And secondly because the authorities try to keep the rulings in specific asylum cases from public view. I am told that so far no local media have been able to get hold of the details of the assault case involving the man Ms Ersson has ‘saved’. Perhaps we shall find out at some point.

    I’m sure I read somewhere that he’d been beating up his wife and children, but can’t find that link.

    As footballers would chant: “Its all gone quiet over there ….”

  7. Truancy is ‘school strike?’

    The Guardian supports truancy? If the cause is right, I spose.

    Where are the parents? Hmm, maybe behind it. Who terrorized this child?

  8. Gamecock – the article tells us (not in as many words, natch) that her mother is an eco-loon. She’s terrorised a vulnerable autistic girl into believing capitalism is a plot to destroy the planet.

    When I were a lad, the teachers used to warn us about the Bad Fire, but at least there’s a few simple ways to avoid meeting Ol’ Nick. Global warming eschatology offers no hope, the imaginary threat only gets worse despite all our sacrifices and burnt offerings:

    “Sweden may be well organised to recycle our trash, for example, but we do nothing to cut the amount of plastic bottles and packaging in the first place. We need drastic change.”

    We could literally be starving to death and drinking organic locally-sourced cat piss inside our freezing cold eco-yurts made out of recycled tampons, and the greenies would still guilt-trip us for breathing.

  9. “Her parents want her to return to school”.

    When I was her age, what parents wanted resulted in action to ensure it was done.

  10. Meissen Bison: given that British girls are among the sluttiest in Europe, are you not in a glass house throwing stones?

    My experience of teenage Swedes, and I went to school there for a year, is that they have very few reservations about sex. Since it isn’t naughty, it is also not a temptation. As well as the ability to say “yes”, they also had an ability to say “no” that much of the Anglo world lacks.

    You should keep your fantasies about tall blondes to yourself. You sound like the worst of my classmates when they found I was going to Sweden. They at least were young.

  11. Further to @Chester’s comment above… I lived in Sweden for a while in the early 1970s and found that they had the Victorian ideas on sex and alcohol completely swapped round… You could f*ck yourself silly but it was impossible to get a decent drink! 🙂

  12. “Greta has Asperger’s syndrome,”

    No, her parents are useless cunts who should never have been allowed to have children.

    She will grow up a failure and it will be everyone else’s fault.

  13. Dear Mr Worstall

    I suspect you overestimate the value of schooling. Having one’s headpiece filled with straw, alas* does not reduce ignorance. Put ‘state’ in front of ‘school’ and any child is probably better off out in the wider world.

    It is patently too late for this child, who has spent her formative years being terrorised by her schooling, so she believes a decent summer for a change is cause for panic.


    * The Hollow Men by T S Eliot

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