Managed democracy

Even by Russian election standards – the kind that has given us 146 percent voter turnouts – this was a magical turnaround.

With 95 per cent of the votes counted in the gubernatorial elections in Russia’s Far East Primorsky Krai, the Kremlin’s candidate, Andrei Tarasenko was a full five points behind his challenger, Communist Andrei Ishchenko.

But in a sensational final sprint, Mr Tarasenko added an improbable 13,000 votes, equating to nearly 100 percent of the vote in the last one percent of precincts. Even more miraculous was the fact his challenger Mr Ishchenko lost five votes in the process.

There’s a certain richness to the story, given their own electoral habits when they had power, that it happened to a communist.

4 thoughts on “Managed democracy”

  1. Maybe more blatant than our own system but on current evidence they both shaft the elector don’t they?

    Just that our own UK based anti-democrats shroud themselves in cloaks of paternalistic and maternalistic concern for the thick, racist, pricks who form the majority of the voting electorate to justify ignoring our views and ballots.

    And the EU doesn’t even make a credible pretence at following a democratic process or adhering to the legal rules on procedure that are, in theory, applicable.

    Representative democracy my arse.

  2. Not much point calling it a democracy if you’re going to do this. Not fooling anyone and eventually you’ll have a revolution because you’ve bunged up the safety valve.

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