Lehman Brothers went bust 10 years ago – can it happen again?

Lehman Brothers remains bust, is not operating, and so cannot go bust gain.

From our series Questions in the Guardian we can answer.

6 thoughts on “No”

  1. Actually, Lehman Brothers are still operating — in the Despicables universe. They just changed their name to Bank of Evil.

  2. Questions in the Guardian we would like answering. How long until you go bust you Marxist anus? How long until creditors and repo men take even the teacups in your tea point cupboards and the scum who write your venom are blubbering over wages owed them?

  3. This is not such a stupid question in the libtard world. They can get the vote from the graveyards so drawing money from a bank that closed 10 years ago is easy peasy.

  4. “Mah mommy voted Republican till the day she passed. After that she always voted Democrat.”

    I have a soft spot for that joke.

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