Not the right way to be thinking about it at all

David Beckham ‘shirking responsibility as role model’ after dodging speeding conviction on technicality

The State has awesome power to prosecute. To entirely fuck up lives by doing so. Thus there are limitations pm how and when it may do so. Important stuff like producing evidence and so on. And you can think that getting the letters out on time as being unimportant but it’s not, it’s all part of that same limitation on what they may do to us.

Despite accepting driving the car at that speed, he will not face action because a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) was not received until one day after the statutory 14-day time limit.

And how about that Curajus State that can’t send letters?

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  1. The state can a bit crap about sending letters. I had an operation on the saintly NHS last year, and was told (while in front of the booking nurse) I had to wait for a letter to get my post op appointment. Two weeks later when I was supposed to be back by, no sign of letter. After various calls to surgeons secretaries, wards and one Honda garage who’s number I was given in error, I was advised to call PALS who sorted it out.

  2. If you allow the State these ‘technicalities’, the ‘technicalities’ get bigger and bigger.

    And there is not one single person in Britain outraged over this who would not gladly accept this ‘technicality’, the fucking hypocrites.

  3. This happens all the time. I regularly get letters from government agencies dated 2-3 weeks earlier. I assume there’s some horribly inefficient process in between printing and posting, which goes unseen and thus unchallenged.

  4. Coming soon to a newspaper near you:

    Headline –
    Politician X accused of rape dodges conviction on a technicality.

    Story –
    Politician X has been accused of ‘shirking responsibility as role model’ after dodging a rape conviction on technicality.
    Despite accepting that the rape occurred and was a tragedy for the poor young lady, Conservative (or other right wing party) Politician X will not face trial as he was provably out of the country at the time the attack took place. Left wing and women’s groups were outraged at the injustice and demanded the CPS bring charges. Cont P95…

  5. Although I agree with Tim’s views, I’m puzzled as to Beckham’s course of action. Given that Nick Freeman isn’t going to write a letter for less than a few grand*, he must have spent a lot more on dodging three points than it could possibly have cost him, and gained a lot of bad publicity on top.

    It’s a bit like the Huhne’s going to jail for covering up a speeding offence. Why?

    * Though maybe he might have viewed this case as further raising awareness of his services

  6. As I understand it, the car used by the balding, over-tattooed, underpants salesman, was hired. The Police road traffic department would need to contact the registered keeper to find out who the car was hired to. This request would have been sent by 2nd class post. On receipt, the car hire firm would sit on it for a few days till the part-time temp sorts out who the hirer was, and reply sent to the Police, probably using 2nd class post again. This reply would sit amongst the pile of mail received by the road traffic department and may not be opened till the late afternoon. The following working day,which may be 3 days later if it was received on a Friday, the NIPs would be sent out, again by 2nd class post. As such post is not traced, and date of receipt can not be confirmed, only the date of despatch, it would be easy to put doubt into the minds of the court that the NIPs were not received on time, leading to a dismissal.
    Apparently Beckham sponsors Rolex watches. Based on this latest escapade, I would be reluctant to buy one as any watch sponsored by this bloke may have a tendency to run fast, possibly leading to any claim for repair/refunding to be refused on the grounds the claim was not received within the stipulated period.

  7. Penseivat:
    From the story, it seems that the NIP was due to be delivered to Bentley, as the owner of the car, not to Beckham. After they get the notice presumably it’s up to them to determine who was behind the wheel. Especially coming into a business, I would not be surprised to see letters date-stamped – certainly anywhere that I’ve worked all incoming correspondence is stamped on receipt.
    Those are the rules the state has set for itself. There has to be some limit, or we are all indefinitely exposed to prosecution, even long after it is possible to mount a proper defence.

  8. @Andrew M, September 29, 2018 at 9:12 am
    “I regularly get letters from government agencies dated 2-3 weeks earlier.”

    Me too

  9. If a driver is caught by a static speed camera they should be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention too,

  10. ‘responsibility as role model’

    Wut? He’s got some responsibility to Victoria and the kids . . . that’s about it.

    ‘by Telegraph Reporters’

    Look, guys, writing crap like this won’t get you a job at the Guardian unless your actual NAMES are in the byline.

  11. ‘by Telegraph Reporters’

    Look, guys, writing crap like this won’t get you a job at the Guardian unless your actual NAMES are in the byline.

    ISTR ‘by Telegraph Reporters’ means “cut and pasted from some news agency or other”

  12. The state can a bit crap about sending letters

    When I first moved to London straight after uni I received a notice of failure to pay council tax on time. The extended deadline given to pay the council tax before “severe consequences” was 2 weeks prior to me receiving the letter. It had taken 4 weeks from council to my doorstep…

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