Now Elon has to take Tesla private

For he’s not going to be allowed to run a public company for much longer, is he?

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  1. I had this sudden flash of inspiration the other day – what if Elon Musk is a modern day Francisco D’Anconia? Having made his mint in the free wheeling libertarian days of the birth of the internet, he decides to draw in the great and the good to invest billions in his virtue signalling electric golf buggy, only to destroy the company and their money with his outrageous behaviour.

    Surely no-one can be THIS self destructive – its got to be staged, right?

  2. It is conceivable that Musk will have to serve a gaol sentence. I am not sure that you can run a company from inside a cell

  3. Hasn’t someone even reported him for possession of controlled substances yet?

    Entirely off-topic question for Tim : it’s presumably just my perception (over years) that STLG:EUR falls slightly over the weekends? Is it? No more than a cent either way. And obviously (pace long-standing downwards trend) has a compensatory recovery during the week.

    Or has someone with enough cash to profitably trade the tiny margins on this seven-day trend already started making money on it?

  4. If it exists there will indeed be people trading it. There are AIs out there which are trading on God Knows what. All their owners know is that they spot something, trade it for a bit, then stop, the money at the end being a larger pile than started with. Absolutely any pattern is already being traded.

  5. Thanks. And presumably anyone who is trading this wave with sufficient cash is already making a dent in the trend.

    The reason I ask is that I’ve noticed, as treasurer for an NFP (for rather longer than I originally wanted the job): we get money sent by customers in euro to P*yp*l, which we then have to convert to Sterling (they won’t put the euros in our euro account for contrived bullshit reasons). And weekends is the time I have to sort this.

    Putting the issue of P*yp*l’s rip-off exchange rates to one side, it always strikes me that my brain recalls rather better spot rates from during the week, and I go and check, and most of the time my recollection is correct.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    The smoking was in California and so legal. Joe Rogan is renowned for getting his guests stoned or pissed.

  7. Musk is the stellar marketing man. Very much like Trump. Nothing is going to happen to him; the board will pay the fine, whatever it is.

  8. The only good thing about Musk–which will hopefully serve as his legacy–is his private space activities.

    A shame he didn’t devote his full energies to that and miss out the ecofreakery and subsidy-seeking. Kissing the state’s arse in exchange for favours often comes to a bad end. As do many involvements with criminals.

  9. @Gamecock, September 29, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    Tend to agree. $20m fine and three year ban on being Chairman, but can still be CEO is insignificant compared to the $ billions share holders have lost since Musk’s twitter lie.

    Musk should be sharing a cell with Madoff

  10. “$ billions share holders have lost”

    You have to sell to lose. Unless they were shorting, they’d be idiots.

  11. Superbowl ads are $5 million for 30 seconds.

    Tesla got above the fold/captured the news cycle for two weeks, for $40 million.

    Musk is a marketing genius.

  12. Don’t worry about the share price, a few more crashes using auto pilot, some more insults hurled over social media and the price will be back to all time highs.

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