OK, so let us guess at Remoaner headlines in October

Carmakers are masking the true 
extent of their woes after a rush to pre-register cars to avoid an emissions-testing clampdown.

To beat the new regime, the industry flooded cars into the dealer network, pumping up figures as sales were pulled forward. But with the standards having come into force this month, dealers are bracing for a sales crash.

September is usually a big month for car sales, but numbers – due out in early October – are expected to dive.

Data seen by The Daily Telegraph show a rise in “pre-registering”, which further skews the figures.

We’ll have stories about how the growing realisation of Brexit is killing car sales, won’t we?

3 thoughts on “OK, so let us guess at Remoaner headlines in October”

  1. On Brexit, this report from the IEA just out with its opinion on what we should be doing as an alternative approach to Chequers.


    Will take some time to read and digest, but on a brief initial scan one disturbing point I noted. The list of contributors/advisers includes Professor David Collins at City University. No mention of Professor Richard Murphy, also of City. Was he asked? And if not, why not?

  2. Green tests.

    Once again the scum of the left and their shitehouse political stooges piss on business and prosperity.

    And then think to blame their evil on Brexit.

    Time the T&S charges were flying by day and night.

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