Quelle surprise

A judge has branded former BHS owner Dominic Chappell “evasive” and “entirely unbelievable” as his appeal for failing to hand over vital documents to the pensions watchdog was rejected yesterday.

Chappell, 51, showed no emotion as a judge rejected his claims that he had “done everything in his powers” to help provide the information.

The ruling could leave the self-described entrepreneur facing a fourth bankruptcy, his lawyer warned.

Fourth, eh?

5 thoughts on “Quelle surprise”

  1. Whodathunk. However if Chappell has launched three hundred enterprises and only three of them have gone into bankruptcy, that’s an amazing success rate. If he has launched six enterprises and three of them went arse over tit, that’s about average.

  2. There are some professions that exclude bankrupts – but shopkeeper/director of a retail enterprise is not one of them.
    New Labour’s attempt tomake life easier for the poor by shortening the period before they could emerge from bankruptcy without actually paying their debts has played into the hands of the likes of Chappell.

  3. john77 – a bankrupt cannot be a director.
    Once past the bankruptcy they can be.

    People can also be banned from being a director but usually takes considerable problems for that to happen involuntarily.

  4. @ Martin
    A discharged bankrupt may be a director although an undischarged bankrupt may not. New Labour shortened the period prior to discharge for those who had not repaid their creditors.

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