Rather sums it up

The article prompted furious debate on social media and widespread criticism of Buruma’s decision to publish on the grounds that, though Ghomeshi had been acquitted, he remained subject to multiple claims of violent behavior from many women.

Proof, courts, evidence? Pah, we spit on these manifestations of the patriarchy. After all, what is the root of the word testimony? See, see, SEE!

4 thoughts on “Rather sums it up”

  1. “Buruma has got his side of the story out first, portraying himself as a victim of social media bullying.”

    That sentence is missing the word ‘accurately’.

  2. Media careers live and die by reputation and gossip, not by proof in a court of law. Therefore it’s entirely normal that Jian Gomeshi, Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, and so on, should never work in the media again. The problem is not their guilt, but the public perception of their guilt.

    The editor of the New York Review of Books thought his audience was sufficiently sophisticated to be able to appreciate such distinctions. Alas in the modern media age, the article was re-tweeted to a far broader audience, who complained vociferously. I imagine very few of the complainants were actual paid subscribers.

  3. prompted furious debate on social media

    I find phrases such as this extremely useful in understanding the importance and reliability of the article.

  4. Yeah, ‘debate’ my arse. Guaranteed to be a landslide of singular viewpoint. Had their been ‘debate,’ he wouldn’t have been fired.

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