Regulator looking for expanded powers

Such a surprise that a bureaucracy looks for this, eh?

Twelve million people in Britain have been harmed by social media and the internet because online firms escape regulation, the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom will warn on Tuesday.

Sharon White, the regulator’s chief executive, will reveal research showing that one in five people in the UK have experienced harmful content or conduct ranging from bullying and harassment to fraud and violence.

“Harmful content” eh?

23 thoughts on “Regulator looking for expanded powers”

  1. It is a concerted attempt at censorship of the Net. Brexit and Trump has shown its power and the Usual Scum are scared to death.

    Zuckers and the gang from one direction , the ESpew from another–tho’ the EU ‘s bungling will fix Zuck’s and all Big Techs wagon within Europe such is the EU’s stupidity. The FFC and her forthcoming law and now this gang of shites.

    We need a new Net that the twats cannot control.

  2. Robert Harries

    People have experienced violence online?

    Can you cave someone’s head in with a tweet?

    It would appear so?

    As one of you (Pcar I think?) posted on here a week or so ago, here’s Julia Hartley Brewer interviewing a very clever chap elected as a so called Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

    The “Hurty feelings hotline” you see…

  3. Bloke no Longer in Fishnets and Heels

    I am constantly bombarded with transphobic abuse

    “Seen better legs on a piano”

    “You could at least have made an effort and have a shave.”

    “Purple really doesn’t suit you.”

    It is time the Government took a hand ! I have already asked Mayor Khan to intervene.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Ofcom can’t even stop calls that I don’t want and didn’t solicit, their delusion knows no bounds if they think they can regulate content on the Internet.

  5. @JuliaM

    If we’re no longer allowed to say “whiter than white” you must be pushing your luck with “in spades”.

  6. Let’s see. I just sent a complaint off to the ICO about a headhunter that bombards me with spam for jobs many levels down. They are otherwise a serious company but have failed to respond to polite requests to stop. It’s their bad luck to have sent the camel’s back-breaking straw when I have a day off.

    I think the ICO may have more effect than OFCOM. I’ll keep you posted.

    OT, why do recruiters describe every job as “exciting”, at a “cool” company, and say it comes with a “fantastic” package? Can’t they admit there are at least some boring, underpaid jobs for psychotic companies out there?

  7. The policing of thought gathers pace. Jail time will be served by some, others will be scared of speaking.

    What they can’t see is that this will on;y drive people into selective groups where you will only talk with people you know you can trust. It will lead to reduced cohesion in society. Maybe that’s what they want. Although I prefer the explanation they#’re all idiots.

  8. Like the story about the coastguard making a white power sign in the background of an interview, so he was suspended pending investigation and this was in the middle of a major storm/hurricane.
    Turns out the OK sign used by divers etc internationally is now considered to be a white power symbol ffs
    So explanations are:
    -Man makes white power sign in front of camera to have a covert dig at all non-white people
    -As there’s a camera running a marine/naval guy uses an international recognised gesture to indicate the status of something

    Snowflakes went with the first of course and authorities caved

  9. That pitch for more powers (and so more funding) is so blatant snd so transparently self-interested…and yet thousands of people will fall for it.

    To repeat…Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy: In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely.

  10. Ian,

    That’s why they want to ban closed groups. Remember – dangerous and stupid aren’t really correlated.

  11. SE

    That’s why they want to ban closed groups.

    If one is only talking to specific known / trusted groups, there is no need to use the large platforms.

    Wrap your own on a cheap VPS (offshore) using one of the open source products and you’re done?

    Sure, it’s not completely trivial, but if we get get to that state of affairs, expect IT bods to be helping others / DIY manuals and lots else similar.

  12. Had a look at Mastodon recently and it looks ok for private groups, plenty of advice on running it yourself and if it spreads there’s going to be plenty of hosters offering cheap monthly plans to run it for you

  13. Bloke in North Dorset


    “Some people missed school the day the teacher taught, “Sticks and stones.””

    School? Its the first thing parents should teach as soon as their children start playing with other children. It should be inculcated by the the time they start school and not left, with every other social ill, for teachers to sort out.

  14. Good upgrade, BiND.

    It’s worse than I thought. These people aren’t just incompetent adults, they would be incompetent children.

  15. BniC

    and if it spreads there’s going to be plenty of hosters offering cheap monthly plans to run it for you.

    Yes, that’s a much better model. As long as the software hosters don’t then caught (by becoming too large) by the same regulatory nonsense.

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