Ritchie rules out vermine

But that brings me to the second group – which is those who should know better. No one getting a reward for business activity can claim they cannot do their own due diligence. Or that they are not responsible for the tax affairs of their companies. Or its offshore subsidiaries. Or the pre-packaged tax avoidance that they buy.

And no one who goes to the Lords can have any excuse for undermining the state of which they are to be a part.

These people have to be held accountable for wh

at they do. An amber award does, in that case, mean a block in my opinion. And that should include those appointed to regulatory positions and high civil service appointments as well as advisory committees.

He can;t say he doesn’t know. And he’s admitted he used offshore. And doesn’t admit but has used a scheme that he himself terms tax abuse. Thus no vermine.

8 thoughts on “Ritchie rules out vermine”

  1. Much more straight-forward rule.

    No-one who wants an award should get one.

    And Murphy so desperately, desperately wants one.

  2. One child in every primary school class has been sent a sexual image by an adult, major NSPCC study finds

    Hmm, what does ‘undermining’ mean? Does he include the SNP wanting independence from the UK as ‘undermining’ the State, the State being the United Kingdom? Does it mean opposing the role of the State in something? Actual treason in the old-fashioned sense?

    As usual, no-one has a fucking clue what he means, him included.

    Anyway, how soon before “favouring lower taxes” gets you onto the amber or red list?

  3. What does he think he is saying?!?
    You hire a specialist to do due diligence – next he will be saying that I have to write my own will, draft an insurance policy on my house and tout it round Lloyd’s underwriters instead using a broker, rewrite the lease on my son’s flat including a scale drawing, build my own car from a kit, flap my wings instead of buying a ticket on an aeroplane …

  4. Sorry, quote above should be

    And no one who goes to the Lords can have any excuse for undermining the state of which they are to be a part.

    Weird – pasted something I commented on a couple of days ago!

  5. Surely anybody standing for national election not supporting the sitting government is intending to undermine the state?

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