Screechy women aren’t a great electoral asset

Elizabeth Warren will ‘take hard look at running for president’ in 2020

As Hillary showed us, reminding every man of his first mother in law doesn’t bring the votes rolling in.

29 thoughts on “Screechy women aren’t a great electoral asset”

  1. Oh yeah, do it. After the SCOTUS shitshow, any man with a functioning pair of balls is going to vote for Trump if you put Warren up.

  2. Nothing says “we hate white men and aren’t afraid to say so, but we want them to vote for us anyway otherwise they’re even bigger bigots than we already say they are” like Warren 2020..

  3. That’s it is it? That’s your deep incisive analysis of US politics? A little sexist dig at women’s voices being higher pitched than mens?

    Not up to your normal standard of wicked trolling.
    2/10 Must try harder.

  4. Bloke on M4 said:
    “any man with a functioning pair of balls is going to vote for Trump”

    But are there enough of those left in America?

  5. “But are there enough of those left in America?”

    Yes. Tons of them. Forget the noisy vegans and Prius owners that write all the Slate and Salon articles. You even get to the unfashionable bits of California like Oakland, or NY state outside NY, it’s regular men.

  6. Some of this cross-voting got us Corbyn, and Elizabeth Warren is not quite as thick as him. Be careful what you wish for…

  7. Warren’s problem is not that she’s a woman. The Tories had Margaret Thatcher *decades* ago. Marine Le Pen gets more votes than her dad, in a country which struggles with powerful women.

    It’s that she’s a deep “machine” candidate, and in recent years the best runs have been by outsiders. People, male or female, that look forced and not at ease will struggle to be president.

    If they add an aggressive “minority” angle it is worse, because that repulses the majority. But a Hispanic who doesn’t play on it overly has every chance, and a woman likewise.

    Warren’s “shrieking” is a post-facto excuse. If she was conservative and free-market you’d be all over her.

  8. Trump could choose a woman VP candidate. That good-looking girl from Hawaii for instance. And she’s more of a racial minority than the fake Cherokee.

  9. Someone must say it. Women are better at calling out female bullshiters than men are. No female bullshitter has a chance against Trump. Wouldn’t put out much hope for males of the type either.

  10. Tim – If you’d like to come and see the egress we’ll refund your entry fee…..

    Ha! I had a teacher at school who loved that P.T. Barnum story. Good times.

    Dearieme – Trump could choose a woman VP candidate

    Sure, but he already has a VP tho. BTW, choosing a female running mate does nothing to win women’s votes or mollify the opposition media.

    They didn’t stop calling Pat Buchanan a nazi just because he chose a black woman as his running mate, and John McCain of recent beatification fame was portrayed – by the very same journalists – as a senile, warmongering racist (to be fair, two of those things were true) in 2008. And his running mate was the victim of a full-scale hate campaign by the press which led to her exiting elected politics entirely.

    Worth remembering as the Yank press, and ideologically-aligned globosodomites in the UK and European media, loudly announce their disdain for “white men” judging the dubious stories of withered tarts in the US Senate.

    Yes, the postmodern Left does actually hate white men and wants us dead, our kids raped and brainwashed, and our homelands turned over to hordes of angry savages from countries where they still shit in their own drinking water. They’re not even bothering to hide that anymore. It’s basically government policy in most of Europe and the United States pre-Trump.

    On the other hand, being a woman or a black fella or a gay doesn’t shield anyone from the demonic rage of the Left if they commit the cardinal sin of thinking non-leftist thoughts.

    Thomas Sowell has been called a “nigger” and an “uncle Tom” by anti-racist lefties for decades. Sarah Palin was subjected to more public odium than Myra Hindley just for running for office as a Republican. Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain both got tarred with the same sex-smear treatment Brett Kavanaugh has recently enjoyed. Milo was fitted up as a “paedophile” by the very same people covering for actual paedophiles.

    WOPR was wrong, the only winning move is actually Global Thermonuclear War against Leftism, and the causes of Leftism. As the #Resistance in the US, and Continuity Remain in the UK demonstrate, these people don’t accept the legitimacy of them losing elections.

    So we’re gonna have to figure out something else if we don’t plan on playing kulaks to their (carbon-neutral, genderfluid, refugees welcome) Stalin.

  11. dearieme said:
    “Trump could choose a woman VP candidate. That good-looking girl from Hawaii for instance.”

    Which one? Unfortunately this one’s a Dem:

    This one’s Republican, but only elected at State level:

    But having a female VP candidate didn’t help McCain. Remember the abuse the supposedly feminist “liberals” heaped on her?

  12. Tractor- “Be careful what you wish for” – well yes quite.
    Margaret Beckett’s cherry-on-top career misjudgement still brings out a smile at whenever it comes to mind. But then again the Tony Blair orthodoxy, that its the centre that wins elections hasn’t quite been disproved yet.

  13. “These people don’t accept the legitimacy of them losing elections.”

    Which means, quite literally, democracy is dead.

    But listen to the Left say they are fighting for democracy. They use the word because others value it; they don’t.

    “BTW, choosing a female running mate does nothing to win women’s votes or mollify the opposition media.”

    The Republicans can’t mollify the media. But they are going to destroy the party trying.

  14. @ Gamecock
    No, it doesn’t mean that democracy is dead, just that they do not (and never really did) believe in or accept democracy. As long as enough people are willing and prepared to stand up for democracy, it can and will survive.

  15. “Which one? Unfortunately this one’s a Dem”: that’s the girl.

    Hell, Trump was a Dem for most of his life. And on Foreign Policy she’s no Dem – or perhaps I should say she’s not part of the American Establishment’s pro-war machine.

  16. Steve,

    “WOPR was wrong, the only winning move is actually Global Thermonuclear War against Leftism, and the causes of Leftism.”

    You have to target the left, and not just win elections, but dismantle the machinery that supports them. That means things like liberating the education system so that you get more free schools (including profit making free schools) so that kids can get a right-wing education. It means privatising the shit out of everything so that more people become capitalists rather than wanting more taxes for their salaries. Scrap the BBC and the army of lefties that work for them. It means destroying lots of lefty spending like DFID. It means creating a job site for government jobs that everyone uses instead of The Guardian. Cut university places so more people get to work earlier and become capitalists. All of this will be popular with voters. Better schools, better services, less waste. Plus you get to wipe out the left.

    The problem with One Nation Conservatives is that they don’t have a long-term mission. They don’t grasp that the whole state is against them and pro-Labour and there’s nothing you can do about that but to shrink the state to only what is necessary.

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