So it’s got this going for it at least

Michel Barnier warns that Theresa May’s Chequers plan will end the European project and Single Market

Almost – almost but not quite – worth signing it in order to kill that European project.

4 thoughts on “So it’s got this going for it at least”

  1. Yes Barmier will agree that shite unless the bitch is sunk in the next two months.

    And then its Corbin.

    This was said on a previous thread but neither I nor Steve got a reply from Theo as to our comments on the lameness of his hopeless “agree it and change it later anything but Jizza” non-argument. Which is how BluLabour have kept themselves alive for decades now. Except this time it IS flat-out Marxian evil on the other side.

    The sheer evil of a Fish-Faced POS who loves globalist evil enough to play brinkmanship with flat-out marxist tyranny on behalf of her Eurotrash buddies is breathtaking. And that was before her endorsement of legal-like ANC marxist baby boiling and racial-based theft.

    She really does need to be tried and publically hanged as an enemy of the Britain.

  2. Theresa ruled out the competing on regulations and taxes in her Italian speech. Nicey Nicey didn’t work it seems. I’d like to see someone throw those back in the ring. Could even be a meaner more desperate Theresa, suddenly realising that she’s going to need to crowbar some concessions out of the EU or go bye bye. But equally it could be someone else for whom this the better outcome anyway. That would get movement for sure.

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