So Ritchie’s presumed honour is safe then

This could be bad for the Sage of Ely:

Tax avoiders are being blacklisted by the authorities to prevent them from getting knighthoods and other honours, The Times can reveal.

Well, not so much. Tax evaders, yes. And a certain amount of blocking those who are aggressive at that line between evasion and avoidance. But then we get:

However, the warnings are time- limited. If there has been no cause for concern over the previous three years, candidates can get a green light.

This may explain why the late comedian Ken Dodd was finally knighted last year even though he was prosecuted for tax evasion in 1989. He was acquitted and made taunting jokes about the taxman for the rest of his career.

HMRC will also give a green light to candidates despite “use of personal service companies”, a controversial practice employed by the BBC to pay some of its highest-earning presenters, which can result in the exchequer losing significant income. Activity that the taxman judges to be “acceptable tax planning” is also waved through.

Those personal service companies fall under Ritchie’s definition of avoidance which is to be condemned. But his own use of such – you know, his own use of that method he so condemns – won’tr block an honour because his definition of avoidance and that of HMRC are different. Neatly explaining the difference in their tax gap estimates.

Also, it was more than 3 years ago for a limited company.

So, vermine is safe!

11 thoughts on “So Ritchie’s presumed honour is safe then”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Currency black markets are just one of the ways corrupt regimes reward their supporters, with Venezuela being the latest example.

    The MSM are always surprised to find that someone is willing to purchase worthless currencies like the Bolivar but never go on to explain who is on the other side of the trade – its those who have access to US$ at the official exchange rate.

  2. People who avoid tax? That’s the entire population then, as absolutely everybody avoids tax on the first £11,600 of their income.

    Sorry, really grumpy this morning, not had a cuppa yet, and the water tank is overflowing through my kitchen ceiling, and it’s in an impossible position to get my hands in and adjust the float valve.

  3. Deep sympathy with jgh. Amazing how people install things without though to what you do if it goes wrong.
    The answer to your conundrum is to put the float valve where you can get at it. What you need’s a wall mounted plastic toilet cistern. Fix it a bit lower than the top of your tank. Connect the bottom of the cistern to either the side of the tank below the cistern level or the outflow pipe. 22mm pipe is best. Doesn’t matter where you do the connection as long as the cistern’s at the correct levelDisconnect the water supply from the existing float valve & connect to the float valve on the cistern. Using a tank type float valve rather than a w/c type gives a better flow rate. The water level in the cistern will always be at the same level as the main tank, so now the tank refills via the cistern.

  4. Of course, if you take money off of charities in the form of ‘grants’ which are not for anything in particular then the grant isn’t taxable. You’ve done nothing illegal. But if you’re a tax campaigner forever banging on about the ‘duty’ to pay for the services the government provides, then it does make you a slippery hypocritical cunt, doesn’t it Murphy.

  5. I’m calling it: he’s never getting ermine. Not because he’s an aggressive tax avoider, but because he’s an aggressive thundercunt.

  6. But abusing the privilege of limited liability by having an ex wife with a tiny proft share as a member of your LLP and presumably she take no active part any more?

  7. @ Pcar
    That is common but from from universal – and usually controls the direct feed of drinking water to the tap, but often not the main feed from the mains to the water tank in the loft – so it may not work. Since leaving home I’ve lived in (apart from digs) two flats and two houses and of those only one had a stopcock under the sink where I looked for it.
    “Good thinking Batman” if it does work.

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