So the EU won’t be passing any new laws then?

The European Union is insisting on cast iron guarantees that Britain will not attempt to reopen the terms of any Brexit deal after it has been signed, confidential diplomatic notes reveal.

The Times has learnt that, in a rebuff to Michael Gove, Brussels is preparing to demand that Theresa May makes “credible” assurances that any deal will not be unpicked by her successor.

Because new laws and regulations which apply to Britain as a result of a deal would indeed by unpicking it, wouldn’t they?

24 thoughts on “So the EU won’t be passing any new laws then?”

  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    A government cannot bind the hands of any successor, but Gove’s notion that we can renegotiate once a Vassal State treaty has been signed is pure deluded fantasy.

    It is astonishing that these people think we are so stupid that we can even for nano-seconds believe this tosh. I mean anyone who can read back only as far as 2007 and the Lisbon Treay, can tell you it isn’t true. Or is it just that they are so thick thmselves that they actually believe it ?

  2. Piss on Gove–and all the other traitors. Most especially the Fish Faced Cow.

    The EU really think that they can have their tame bitch put a shit deal on us and make it stand forever?


  3. BTW The Express is peddling some tripe about a deal having already been reached which will be “presented” in November. In the hope that Brexit Tories will be afeared to rock the boat and stuff up even a shit done deal. What with Project Fear 2 having been so successful an’ all.

    It could only be Chequershite. Probably with even more sell-out concessions and perhaps with the above clause as well. Or just the Express talking out of its arse.

  4. Yes and how do we beg to be allowed in when the marine iguana lookey likey morons are dead and we are allowed to make a living again .
    I see ten countries have now registered an objection to our proposed WTO schedule including New Zealand Australia and ( much fun to come here) Argentina.

    Never mind at least we have blue passports

    Annuver fing I like right now is the magic NI border . Its seamless and high tech and wonderful when it cuts Ireland in two again but when the EU suggest we place this invisible trouble free magic device in the Irish sea the DUP immediately think it will” Cut us off form our UK markets “- genius

    Hey Tim is it possible to buy a Viktor Orban themed duvet at your site , we are all getting into bed with Nazis now aren`t we , it’s the latest thing and I don’t w at to be left out

  5. Good to see this site’s illiterate Andrew Adonis back.

    we are allowed to make a living again

    So your livelihood is dependent on EU membership? What larks! Do keep us updated as you slide into penury…

  6. A huge amount of work has gone into avoiding that unhappy prospect .The fact that UK capital will be useless in the EU is a problem for lots of people and it is for us ,.
    Fortunately we saw it coming a few years ago now and have taken action

    The way i see it , for Aviva of Deutsche Bank it makes no odds but for an Europe facing new venture London is ruled out as a contender
    Long term this has to create a serious EEA rival

    …actually don`t worry yourself about it , its grown up stuff

  7. Don’t these idoits remember the Chinese Concession treaties of the 19th century? That’s essentially what they are doing. What next, cede Isle of Wight for 99 years?

  8. Facepainter, do try and keep your shite within a frame of English. Vague word-salad may help at your treasonous remainiac circle-jerks but it just makes you look like the cunt you are outside.

    Plus it makes it look like you are just a mental case rather than the lying traitorous scum that is your true legacy.

  9. I`m more parochially mediocre than globally elite, still, at least I don`t wank on about the prose qualities of someone’s comment on a blog. You fucking woman

    Newmania employs the Hemmingway-esque terse prose style that was much admired when he last spoke at Davos

  10. You are indeed a mediocre traitor Facepaint but the Global Elite likely still find your sucking their dick evidence that they have the stupid and the wicked under their thumb.

    “You fucking woman”. WHAT! An expression of contempt towards women via blind comparison!!!. Do all your CSMF WOMI buddies know your true opinion of women FP??Oh dear oh dear its off for a re-education course for you.

    What would Gina Miller say? Other than the cretinous remainiac and ego-inflating shite she usually does?

  11. Don’t we chop the heads of those who prevent Parliament from exerting it’s not will?

    Ignore the random “not”

    And apostrophe 😉

  12. If you ever want to be considered “Hemingway-esque”, it might be a good idea to learn how to spell his name.

  13. Newmanis – every time a moron like you throws around the word nazi with abandon about people whose opinions you disagree with, you devalue the evil that the actual nazis did. Do you actually know what the national socialists in germany actually did ? or are you just a mindless gimp ? When Victor Orban starts executing people because they are disabled, jewish or don’t agree with him or starts making jews wear yellow stars ( a trick learnt from your muslim friends btw) then perhaps I’ll take what you say seriously – until then I suggest you up your medication – it obviously is not working.

  14. The Times has an open channel to the EU with the promise it will print whatever the EU wants it to print. The unions almost killed it in the early 80s; what a shame they didn’t.

  15. “Brussels is preparing to demand that Theresa May makes “credible” assurances that any deal will not be unpicked by her successor.”

    a) Make credible assurances.
    b) wipe your arse on them

  16. Says something about how stupid they think the remainers are that they even tried the we can change it in the future wink wink tactic.
    The entire chequers plan being a setup for we will have to accept stuff we don’t like as on an item by item basis it’s not worth jepordaising the entire trade agreement until we was pretty transparent as well

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