So, who knows about expired and expiring domain names?

Looking for someone who really knows this subject.

Domain names. They expire. People don’t renew, whatever. OK

Some of these domains have “presence.” OK

Specifically, I’m interested in finding out more about such domains which are in the Google News index. With a view, obviously enough, to purchasing such an expired/expiring domain name which is listed in hte Google News index.

Obviously this is possible – I’ve seen a story about someone who did precisely this. Ah, but, then how?

And that’s the bit I’m hoping one of you can steer me to. Sure, I can google and find any number of sites telling me about domain names that can be bought. But I’d much prefer to find someone who actually knew what they were doing here and then talk to them/employ them on the point.

So, anyone any ideas or contacts?

The specific thing being looked for is not pagerank, authority, backlinks. It’s G News index.

7 thoughts on “So, who knows about expired and expiring domain names?”

  1. The problem you have these days is many registries see potentially good value domains expiring and re-register them for their own “stock” of reselling domains.

    I’ve had good success with Snapnames (probably getting 8 domains over the last 15 years), which uses these registrars to grab the domain for you whichever sees it drop first. Costs $80 (assuming no auction) if the domain does reach the expiry date. Costs nothing should the domain get re-registered by the owner before the deletion date or you are outbid. Every domain I have wanted that has expired from the original owner I have obtained through Snapnames, but nothing of mega value in the market, just a handy business name that I’ve kept for later use.

    If you are after a domain with traffic (if expired, it’s likely been delisted from Google anyway), you are likely to get into a bidding process.
    …as a starter.

  2. The domain I wanted, back when I was thinking about going “freelance” and stealing my employers best staff, was amazingly available for sale, pre-owned. But a domain registrar has bought it within milliseconds of expiry and wanted eye-watering money for it.

    Pity as it was a wonderful address.

  3. Looking in more detail specifically for an expired Google News listed domain, seems a common request so you are up against it as many other are doing the same.

    Google News expired domains seem to go for $2-5K typically.

    There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to find expired Google news listed domains, just watch for domains expiring that might be a news source and see if listed.

  4. Quick research, has a “Google News listed” option in its advanced search results. Need to pay them for access to that though.

  5. Welcome to what may be the single most competitive market on Earth. What I do know is that all the profits have been competed away, and there are domain snipers who are phenomenally efficient at picking these things up where there is any sort of value to be garnered from the domain ownership.

  6. well the potato’s site expires on 24 may 2020 – wouldn’t that be fun domain to have. I note that variations of taxresearch remain available.

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