That’s the job of the organised left, not volunteers

A holiday helping out in an orphanage can be a rewarding experience. But voluntourism supports a system that is breaking up families

3 thoughts on “That’s the job of the organised left, not volunteers”

  1. “A holiday helping out in an orphanage can be a rewarding experience.”

    Don’t bother then. Spend your holidays helping to fight socialism. Or soon “holidays” themselves will be a dream from a vanished Golden Age of free markets.

    Like freedom itself.

    For example–had we a govt that applies its own laws equally (despite choking on that fetish word everywhere else )to anti-white racism, most of the scum of the left would already have court calendar dates.

  2. If children go to institutions because their families are poor, the solution would seem to be working to reduce poverty

    And the best way to reduce poverty, as our host often points out, is global economic growth, but many of the “good” charities actively work against poverty eradication by engaging in global warming activism, aiming to deprive developing countries of cheap, reliable energy and worrying about the air miles of food.

  3. The rewarding experience I want to have on holiday is to do absolutely fucking nothing for as much of it as possible, not quixotically trying to “improve” the lives of people who probably despise me in shithole countries that would do well by a spot of aerial bombing.

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