This is going to be interesting, isn’t it?

Companies in the UK must undergo a “genuine culture change” to get rid of alpha males and promote women, government ministers have said.

Alpha is rather an innate characteristic, no? Given the failure of attempts to mimic it…..

20 thoughts on “This is going to be interesting, isn’t it?”

  1. Because government ministers tend to be such shy, retiring types. Oh yus.

    In order not to ROFLMFAO at this bollocks, please ensure you do not look at GOV.UK and see all the pasty faced (bar one) blokes (bar 5) staring out at you from the mug shots of cabinet ministers.

  2. A shameless pitch for the girly and feminist vote. Pointless, too. There are reasons why so many women prefer the public sector…

  3. In my corporate life it seemed that the main criterion for moving up the organisation was wanting it enough to make the sacrifices. Of time, family life, principle, preferences and such. You’d have to be crazy to want it. You do have to be, not necessarily able, but able to look able. 90% of men don’t want it, and maybe 99% of women.

  4. rhoda
    There is the other option of sleeping your way up the greasy pole (fnarr) which is more open to women than men.

  5. Companies competing with those overseas who keep their alpha males? Should be interesting.
    Where exactly are these alpha males that were in companies going to go? Usually its to the top or high up, if having to emigrate there would be issues.

  6. Note the language used, which is indistinguishable from deranged Tumblr feminist speak:

    Ministers John Glen and Victoria Atkins have called for “greater diversity” in the workplace, adding that companies should “call out” non-inclusive behaviour.[…]

    “We have a problem when it comes to the representation of senior women in the financial services sector,” the ministers said

    Ladies, gentlemen, and NiV… the Conservative and Unionist Party!

  7. Apart from rampant Jew hatred, are there any other differences between this government and the Labour Party, the alleged alternative?

  8. Dear Mr Worstall

    “They particularly highlighted the “woefully low” number of women in senior jobs the City, which is both “morally wrong” and affects the sector’s productivity.”

    Obviously the sector’s productivity is too high for this Conservative government. A few epsilon semi-morons should help bring it down, and presumably make it “morally right”.


  9. That red in tooth and claw capitalist entity, interested only in MAKING HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY, deliberately hobbles itself by not employing enough women.

    Yes, that’s it.

  10. I have worked in these companies in the City. Only a politician could believe they are bastions of male chauvinism. It isn’t 1974, and they don’t all wear bowler hats anymore. You are inundated with emails about diversity and inclusion 24/7. Posters in the kitchen areas, even fucking screen savers hammering the message home.

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