This may or may not be a good reason

I am often asked why I will not stand for political office. I clearly have some of the attributes that might incline me to do so. And then something comes along to remind me of the sheer ghastliness of politics, which I have known of since the time I was a student.

That ghastliness being why politics and politicians should have more power as in the Curajus State no doubt.

That is the base calculation of politics that I could not abide. I cannot reconcile that baseness with doing the right thing, when in this case what is right is obvious. And as a result I do not wish to participate in the sordid calculations that are a part of the politician’s life, and which seem to be getting more sordid by the day.

Murphism – it’s shite so let’s have more of it.

Worstallism – it’s shite so let’s have less of it.

19 thoughts on “This may or may not be a good reason”

  1. He wants more of it done by different people.

    Not sure how he removes those currently doing it, and finds those other people with those attributes willing to do it. He clearly seems himself as such a person with the attributes he desires, but even he isn’t willing to do it.

  2. He doesn’t want to risk a vote where his views might be challenged and/or refuted he`d like to be appointed and skip all the hard stuff.
    The man is a proper weapons grade bell end.

  3. Keep up the delusion Dickwad – just because you have a few mewling sycophants on your blog, it doesn’t relate to the great unwashed clamouring to vote for you. Given his inability to deal with any criticism it could be very amusing to see him challenged on a daily basis . A thought does occur. No doubt the only party that vaguely approaches the mad potato’s spending plans with a hefty side dose of authoritarianism is the Labour party. Apart from Mcdonnell thinking he’s a twat aren’t labour in favour of all women shortlists ? I bet the potato in a dress would be enough to turn even the stomach of No Intelligence Verified , though he’d make a perfect assistant to Diane Abbott another thick as mince person who can’t do figures.

  4. Ecks for chief of police.

    Tim Newton an acceptable choice for pm provided he shuts the fuck up about poly-fucking-amorism

  5. Thank Christ for that! The Murphatollah with any real power is almost as frightening as Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell on the opposition front benches…

    Mind you the sheer delusional nature of the man is something to behold.

  6. I clearly have some of the attributes that might incline me to do so

    Well, he certainly has some of the characteristics of a typical politician, but I wouldn’t call them attributes.

    Anyway, the idea of this man at the Dispatch Box in a debate is hilarious. He would start a fight within seconds in the House of Lords, and the sight of his fat red angry face as he got savaged in the Commons would almost be worth letting him get his hands on the levers of power.


  7. I am amazed that Murphy does not take heart from the success of Jeremy Corbyn who has, by his rather dim lights, repeatedly “done the right thing” by defying the “New Labour” whip. Does he think that Jezza has now “sold out” to the Blairites?

  8. I am also often asked why I will not stand for political office. A squirrel did so yesterday evening as I walked through the churchyard. It was eating an enormous bar of chocolate at the time, which I found odd.

  9. A tuppenny-ha’penny man who thinks he’s half-a-crown.

    I thought I’d give an old insult an airing before it’s lost altogether.

  10. Seeing as your first act will be totalling bloody silly laws forbidding their free distribution there will be no need to go on about carrier bags…

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