Umm, what?

A drag queen has accused Virgin Atlantic of sex discrimination after allegedly dropping from a gay pride advert because they “discovered” she was a woman.

Lacey McFadyen claims Richard Branson’s airline offered her work appearing in a promotional video celebrating sexual diversity but withdrew it because “they only wanted male acts”.

The 26-year-old female drag artist, who uses the stage name Lacey Lou, was contacted by Sassy, a communications company working for Virgin, to ask her to appear in a “remake” of the airline’s famous 2009 television advert featuring glamorous air stewardesses walking through Gatwick Airport.

I thought drag queen was one of those gendered nouns in the first place?

9 thoughts on “Umm, what?”

  1. Female drag artist?

    So a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman.

    Have I got that right?

    Further down the rabbit hole we go.
    Where we stop, no-one can know.

  2. I thought performing arts were exempt from the sex discrimination legislation.

    Maybe she’s looking for free publicity.

    Maybe Virgin is looking for some free publicity.

  3. Another good reason to boycott that remainiac twat Branson’s businesses.

    At least Walker’s are only subsidising jug-eared EU tyranny and giving attacks on the family a miss.

  4. “glamorous air stewardesses walking through Gatwick Airport.”

    Wrong again, Telegraph. The ad was filmed in the (then) new grandstand building at Ascot racecourse which had been dressed to look like an airport.

  5. @ Chernyy_Drakon. Watch the movie Victor Victoria and all will be explained.

    For it to be ‘drag’ it has to be one sex wearing the clothes of another sex, otherwise everyone in their ‘gender appropriate’ attire would be in drag.

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