Well, obviously not, no

Jason Isbell: ‘Jesus would not have voted for Donald Trump’

Well, obviously not, no.

Jesus wasn’t an American, wasn’t alive at the right time and didn’t have the vote anyway. You know, what with living in a Monarchy associated with an Empire and all that.

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  1. So he thinks he knows how Jesus would have voted although he is not intelligent enough to notice that the deep-lying cause of the race relation problems of the USA is the Democrat party

  2. If you accept the tenants of Christianity–Jesus being the risen Son of God and supreme goodness–then Killery and co and vast numbers of other World political pigs–leftists esp–would melt in his Presence as at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” .

    The present marxian Pontiff likewise probably.

    What beautiful images–every turd from Bliar to Carter to Camoron via Drunker, Merkal and Macron to Obama to Verhofstadt all screaming in terror and extremity as they wither in the light of the Lord.

    All it needs for perfection is Corbyn saying “I am uncomfortable with this Jewish ritual” as he goes in to the meeting.

  3. Don’t worry Jase. Just give Michael Mann a few more bucks to go with the “billions” he commands and the nice man will “remove” Trump and restore democracy.

  4. Given Jesus’s views on people who virtue signal, one might conclude that he wouldn’t have voted for the Left either.

    From the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 6-1:

    Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.

  5. It cuts across received soft fluffy pseudo-Christian thinking – but yes, I think God did raise up Trump – Jeremiah Johnson explicitly said God would use him in the run-up to the election, and then he won it…

  6. Don’t worry dear friend of the KKK party–He will get to you.

    Or” He’ll get to you” might be a better way of expressing it.

  7. I can not imagine Jesus supporting either candidate. However Mo would have voted for Hilary, a good reason to support Trump.

  8. @Mr Ecks “All it needs for perfection is Corbyn saying “I am uncomfortable with this Jewish ritual” as he goes in to the meeting.” Unlikely as Jesus would probably reappear in Israel.

  9. Moqifen–Should He return he would likely want a meeting with all the dross so as to shuffle them on their way to the pit.

    The line–I hope you realise–is a joke on the movie as that is what the German officer Dietrich says before the Ark is opened.

  10. “living in a Monarchy associated with an Empire”: well put.

    Many people, especially American preachers, wrongly believe that Galilee was part of the Roman Empire in big J’s day.

  11. ‘Unlikely as Jesus would probably reappear in Israel.’

    I’m thinking Salt Lake City. What will the Vatican do? WHAT WILL THEY DO ?!?!

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