What would they look like without the pills?

Daily Mail logic on health care:

Almost half of over-65s take FIVE different types of medication a day – so what turned these healthy looking women into pill poppers?


8 thoughts on “What would they look like without the pills?”

  1. True, but there has been a massive increase in target-driven prescribing, particularly blood pressure lowering and thinning medications.

    Of course there’s no correlation between that and the twenty-fold increase in fatal falls among the elderly in England. None at all……..And that will not be part of the reason for life expectancy having gone into reverse in England. Of course not.

  2. From the article:

    Almost half of over-65s take FIVE different types of medication a day.
    Here, five women reveal the prescription drugs they take each day
    – Sarah Reis, 39
    – Giselle Whitaker, 46
    – Joanne Gardner, 55
    – Elaine Statman, 64
    – Irene Estry, 76 (doesn’t take prescription drugs)

    Couldn’t they find any over 65’s that take pills?

  3. I have to say that the cretinisation of the Mail is almost complete. It started long ago under Dacre, of course, but this new bloke has suddenly bent the downward trajectory at an alarming new angle.

    Nowadays the Mon-Sat Mail, online at least, seem to consist mainly of:

    1. Interminable analysis of TV crud such as Celebrity Big Brother
    2. Regurgitated tweets (often with the word OUTRAGE in the headline)
    3. Regurgitated and semi-moronic internet quizzes
    4. Hysterical Zionist propaganda (i.e. stop Corbyn as, for all his many faults, he’s not awfully keen on us bombing Iran)
    5. Videos of road rage
    6. Hysterical predictions of a killer heatwave, killer storms, a killer winter (delete as applicable, according to season), accompanied by reams and reams of photos of people on beaches, seas pounding lighthouses and moles, cars stranded in snow, etc., etc.
    7. Stories about “stars” one has never heard of and does not want to hear of.

    Added to which, the standard of subbing has become abominable. They must have sacked anybody over 30 and reduced the staff by 50%. Probably most of it is handled by one or two poor sods in cubicles.

    I find the Sun more to my taste now if I want to go slumming, despite their curious obsession with the downward spiral of Katie Price.

  4. @TF

    The Sun’s got a surprisingly good website. Harry Cole (ex Guido assistant) gets some interesting political scoops. Similarly, in many respects I’d take the Mirror’s website over the Independent…

  5. @ Thomas Fuller

    I never read it but it is often linked on various sites I read.

    But I think you’ve missed out ‘SHOCKING’, almost every time I follow a link to the site it is ‘SHOCKING pictures of blah, blah, blah’…

    I’ve yet to be shocked by anything other than the terribly poor quality of the journalism.

  6. The only thing the Daily Heil has going for it is that everything is on one page, rather than the interminable sub-sub-sub-sub-menus the only other half-readable and free British paper has.

  7. @Thomas Fuller, September 4, 2018 at 3:05 pm


    Their hatred of plastic.
    News page rarely updated – day after day same articles still there.

  8. Bloke no Longer in Austria


    I was in the doctor’s yesterday and the lady next door to me had the print version of the Mail.

    “This paper has really gone downhill lately, look at these rubbish stories and who are these celebrities that I’ve never heard of…” etc etc

    Just about all newspapers are unreadable these days. i gave up on the print Telegraph years ago and both the online DT and DM only get a perfunctory perusal (allit.) these days.

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