Accused of running an election campaign

Brazil’s far-Right election front-runner was accused of setting up a ‘criminal network’ with big businesses to spread fake news through Whatsapp.

Brazilian media reported that well-heeled supporters of Jair Bolsonaro paid for messaging by third-party agencies, each paying up to 12 million reais ($3.26 million) to spread tens of thousands of attack ads.

That’s the way it works these days. That funding, if proven, might well be dodgy.

Mr Haddad has complained frequently that he was the target of false social media information campaigns.

Among other things Mr Haddad, 55, has railed against “libelous” social media posts claiming he tried to have sex education “gay kits” distributed in schools when he was education minister under the now-jailed ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Bolsonaro, 63, is an ex-paratrooper whose ultraconservative and law-and-order rhetoric has lifted him in the polls.

He has proved himself an adept user of online platforms, largely spurning traditional media outlets and debates in favor of reaching out to millions of followers on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Don’t forget, when Obama used Facebook it was a marvellous demonstration of the Brave New World. When Trump did it was right wing lies.

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  1. Notice that the term “far-Right” these days means “anyone who scares the establishment”.

    So in Germany, the AdF, which says “we don’t have to import more inbred rapists, do we guys?” is “far-Right”, but the CSU, which called for Moslem veil bans and more crucifixes in schools, is “centre-right”.

    Tommy Robinson is “far-Right” for… accurately describing Islam? Doing amateur reporting? And so is Gerard Batten, the liberal Atheist YouTuber Sargon of Akkad, and that Scottish guy who got crucified by the cops for making offensive dog videos.

    Bolsonaro is “far-Right” for not being a big fan of bum sex, abortion, crime or drugs and for being pro-Israel, pro-USA and pro-markets.

    These are pretty much the same things Margaret Thatcher believed but she was “far-Right” too in modern terms and would be kicked out of today’s Conservative Party which pretends to honour her memory.

    A famous German statesman was a huge fan of European union, environmentalism, the welfare state, worker’s rights, protectionism and Islam, and also shared the modern Left’s violent hatred of Russia and dislike of Jews. But he was “far-Right” too because of his little moustache.

    Apparently we’re supposed to vote for sensible moderates who believe more or less the same things Herr Hitler believed, but with more racial self-abasement and tranny sex hormones for primary school tots.

    It’s all very confusing.

  2. @Steve


    Not to mention that suggesting policies that people might agree with is virtuous when the Left do it but “populist pandering to prejudice” when the Right do it.

  3. social media posts claiming he tried to have sex education “gay kits” distributed in schools when he was education minister

    I expect the ‘libel’ will turn out to be that their exact name wasn’t “gay kit” but everything else about the “attack ad” was correct.

  4. Andrew – the crucifix-and-garlic reaction to “OMG, POPULISM!” is yugely revealing.

    Aren’t politicians in a democracy supposed to do things that voters want? Obviously not.

    An udder thing I’ve noticed is that everything the Right does is “ideological” (as if it’s a Bad Thing to have some sort of philosophical basis for making decisions).

    So privatisation is “ideological” and therefore bad, whereas forcing everyone to live in freezing cold, miserable eco-yurts and drink locally-sourced free-range organic cat piss to mollify Mother Gaia is just common sense.

    Which reminds me of the Left’s abuse of The Science™. The Left treats science the way Josef Fritz took care of his children.

    So they frickin’ LOVE Science™, so long as nobody bothers them with hatey hate facts about the heritable component of IQ, biological differences between the sexes and so on.

    Dr Christine Blarney Ford, who has already been flushed down the memory hole only a fortnight after being the most talked-about woman on the planet, tried to invoke the holy name of Science™ to prove her extremely dubious and politically-motivated claim of being almost-raped.

    “Indelible in the hippocampus”, indeed.

  5. There seems to be the scummy middle class left as the pond-scum on the surface of the swamp but in the depths it is the wannabe Global Elite . Happy to make use of leftoid stooges to do the dirty work of tyranny but mainly concerned that the money and power keep filling their boots.

    In short we live on the “tax livestock” farms Stephen Molyneux speaks of in his “The Story of your Enslavement” videos. From the POV of such deep scum it makes little difference if JIzz or the Cow are in. Both suck the “elite’s” dick .

    People waking up is what frightens the bastards of course.

  6. Steve,

    Yup. Right/left, it’s all noise. Hitler was a socialist. If you took away the repatriation stuff in the BNP, you’d have Corbyn Labour (Nick Griffin endorses Corbyn).

    You just have to remember that most of these media/twatter people are insane and a large chunk of the population quite likes Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage.

  7. “when Obama used Facebook it was a marvellous demonstration of the Brave New World. When Trump did it was right wing lies.”

    It’s not clear who you’re referencing there, but it’s not the platform that distinguishes a truth from a lie, it’s the content of the message.

  8. Steve and Mr Ecks on the same thread! My phone is melting in the fire of righteous fury!

    Great stuff. If only I could write as good as what they do.

  9. Rowdy–Thanks for the thought.

    Steve has genuine writing talent. I merely rant. But we all try to do what we can.

  10. The MSM (the FT, I think) ran an article which included the claim that Mr Bolsonaro’s great-grandfather fought, as a conscript, for Hitler. Those of us who can do arithmetic might think it was more plausible he fought for the Kaiser in WWI.
    But the MSM think it’s OK for the MSM to lie about right-wing candidates.

  11. @steve

    Also, anything the Left SJW MSM mob doesn’t like is Controversial

    Fracking, nuclear, privatisation, coal, runways… are controversial

    Nationalisation, wind mills, burning imported wood… are not controversial

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