Sorry Tim, I don’t wish to be offensive but I’ve looked at your web-site and given the conceptual resources you use (or lack of) there’s nothing you can say that would be of interest to me,

Note that he wrote to me.

18 thoughts on “An email”

  1. Oddness. What on earth are ‘conceptual resources’ meant to be?

    It’s a bit like going up to random women in a bar and saying: “Nah, love, you’re not my type.”

    Although that’s probably a technique in a pick up handbook somewhere…

  2. Definately some student doing some bullshit degree that uses made up words to create some bollocks exclusivity but is too stupid to realise it.

    Will be crying when his 30k student debt ha rewarded gim with a minimum wage job at 30.

  3. Dear Tim,

    Without wishing to be offensive, I’m a pompous prick and felt the urgent need to write and tell you.

    Yours etc, pompous prick.

    There, translated it for you 😉

  4. Oh the guy who thinks he’s adequately explained how having the City makes UK poorer. Because they’re all boffins and we need boffins to do other less rewarding stuff. That guy.

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