Barristers are about logic, right?

Helena Kennedy: ‘Brexit is a disaster for women’

If leaving the EU is bad for women then being in must be good for women. Great, OK – now, what is it about being in that we cannot have – that is good for women that is – if we’re out? Won’t we be in charge of our own laws and we can have the good bits anyway?

9 thoughts on “Barristers are about logic, right?”

  1. Tim–given that Treason May is busy trying to enlist Bliarite ZaNu shite to force thro’ a worse-than-Chequers CU sellout there must be more important matters to discuss than what some female traitor and general dimwit has to vomit from her oral cavity–if that be its origin.

  2. So two things – first if the reached Joe Williams – so not worth reading. second what legislation has the EU enacted that compelled us to help make women’s lives, better- noted VAT is obviously not allowed to be discussed as this ruins the narrative.

  3. Should be easy enough to prove or disprove – find societies at an equivalent economic level outside of the EU and compare how they treat women. Japan, Switzerland, Australia…lots of examples.

    Wait…that’s a rational response. Sorry.

  4. Is there a more loathsome breed than female Labour Party QCs who practise in the ambulance chasing sector of human rights law

  5. Brexit is a disaster for:
    – Women’s rights
    – Human Rights
    – The climate
    – The Earth
    – Any parasite earning a living from the above.

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