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Boil yer heads laydeez, puhleeze

Waitrose is to change the name of its Gentleman’s Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll because feminist campaigners said it was sexist.

The roll, from Heston Blumenthal’s range at the supermarket, contains anchovy mayonnaise, similar to ‘gentleman’s relish’ but the name was branded “outrageous” on social media and the chain has issued an apology.

Amy Lamé, Sadiq Khan’s London night Czar posted an image of the product on Twitter and said: “I never knew sandwiches were gender specific. I’m female but thankfully Waitrose let me purchase this anyway.”

She tagged the organisation Everyday Sexism, who document instances of sexism experienced on a day to day basis.

Next week, Philips to rename Ladyshave.

Or, we might just assume that if this is what people are complaining about we’ve done all the difficult stuff and have no problems left.

23 thoughts on “Boil yer heads laydeez, puhleeze”

  1. @HB
    Not only is the Smoke becoming a distant horrible memory it’s also assuming the nature of a strange & incomprehensible foreign land.
    Wild horses wouldn’t…

  2. What’s more disturbing, even than the position held by ‘Amy Lame’ (One wonders how you get such a gig – the definition surely of a ‘non-job) is that Waitrose had such a craven response. I think had they said that ‘we don’t mean to offend anyone, but obviously there are some people with delicate sensibilities that are perhaps ‘triggered’ by a burning need to seek vicarious offence where none is intended or taken by the overwhelming majority of people. such people seem to have proliferated in number ever since the advent of ‘care in the community’ and need our understanding of course. However, although these constitute a small if vocal minority, the product is clearly not being limited to purchasers of one gender so there are no immediate plans to change the name’ and ask the likes of the ‘Everyday sexism’ project to do their worst to mobilise the Twitterati. My guess is this would massively increase sales amongst those that are heartily sick of this kind of bollocks.

  3. “One wonders how you get such a gig”
    It did cross my mind she (she? he? xe?) might be a member of London’s vibrant vampire community. (Surely this formerly glaring lacuna in special interest groups has been more than adequately filled by now?)

  4. I suppose that’s the end of Bhindi Masala then, the Pakistani dish made with Bhindi/Okra/Lady’s Fingers.
    Oh well. Life under Sadiq Khan’t.

  5. Submitting to CM furore needs to be made a criminal offence. Jail any CEO or other puke who submits to femmitrash noise.

    Indeed said company officers would only have a 48 hour window to put out a literal “Fuck Off Cunts” message into the public domain or it would be off to chokey for them. Perhaps with a sliding scale that still delivers punishments to the weakest responders.

    It would be a nice thing to see the usual business cowards and CM collaborators absolutely desperate to avoid jail by coming up with ever ruder and nastier comebacks and counterstrikes to the femmis.

  6. bis
    Not only is the Smoke becoming a distant horrible memory…

    Ditto. I’ve lived in Thailand for fifteen years. The whole of the west seems to me like something from a SciFi dystopia these days.

    And speaking of SciFi, why are they all still assuming the future is white?

  7. @Hallowed Be: “Amy Lamé, Sadiq Khan’s London night Czar
    Huh? What’s that?”

    An excuse to get a 3rd rate lefty, CM, celeb sucking from the taxpayers teat (well, they have to live somehow – if they had to get a proper job they’d not have the time to spout their SJW bullshit).

    See the entirety of BBC Comedy output (TV and Radio) for the same.

  8. Jesus Christ, if I had to draw a caricature of a screeching feminist snowflake I would have drawn a portrait of this whale. Also I can’t imagine this person ever dancing through the night in a club or a rave, what personal knowledge or ability does she bring to increase London’s nightlife?

  9. A new small pleasure in life. Opening a car door without taking the slightest bit of notice of some arrogant Tory Grandee turd. Who can go “Dutch reach” his knob from behind.

    And if his drivers are anything like the ones that obeyed Jack fucking Straw’s orders to go ton-up on a motorway because Straw was late for some ZaNu shindig–well they probably use the Highway Code as toilet roll anyway.

  10. Amy Lamé, Sadiq Khan’s London night Czar. Huh? What’s that?

    A fat lesbian that safely conforms to the Lefty Standard for fat lesbianism. You know, 200+ lbs, ‘body proud’, fairly dim, not all that talented, jolly disposition, and ’60s glasses/hairdo, etc.

    Given that we are talking about Sadiq Khan’s London, the only surprise here is that she wasn’t nominated to be Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

  11. “London night Czar”

    Vilnius (capital of Lithuania) has a Night Mayor (you have to say it to get the joke).

    Oddly the current one is a libertarian Brit.

  12. Speaking of useless parasites, apparently we have a minister for “cycling and walking” (along with an actual ministry, presumably). You will now be required to perform a submissive ritual acknowledgement of their power every time you get out of your car.

    Someone please remind me why I hold Europeans in such high regard. For the life of me, I’ve forgotten.

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