Boil yer heads

The European Union is drawing up plans to control Britain’s tax policies ­after Brexit, leaked documents seen by The Daily Telegraph disclose.

According to draft documents, the EU wants to ensure the UK pledges to keep its tax rules aligned with those of the bloc as part of any future Brexit agreement.

Such a move would prevent the UK from becoming a low-tax economy by cutting its corporation tax rate to attract business. And – depending on the wording of any agreement – it could mean that any future changes to the EU’s tax rules would need to be followed by the UK, even years after Brexit.

Part of the point of being a sovereign nation is so that you can have different policies from the neighbours…..

14 thoughts on “Boil yer heads”

  1. This would be part of an FTA I presume rather than the withdrawal agreement? What other FTAs demand one signatory follows the tax rules of the other?

    The more interesting thing here is Ireland. More evidence how the EU is simply using Ireland in the Brexit talks and will soon fuck them over once their usefulness has expired. Will be great to see that egotistical child they have in charge learn that the hard way.

  2. But which tax policies? Sure, VAT rules are EU ones, with all sorts of restrictions on what a country can do with its rate and exemptions, but income tax, corporation tax and capital gains taxes are all set domestically with a great deal of latitude. As far as I know, Ireland and Luxembourg are still able to out-compete us, even in the EU at we all are at present.

  3. Rob–There are a lot of fools–but their foolery very often has in it as its major element the fact that the EU fills their rice bowl. Eleven million is way high for that level of self-serving.

    I trust that everybody who still lives in this country is putting every possible pressure on Tory MPs. There does seem to be a small but growing realisation that Treason the FFC really is going to do them in if they don’t stop her . And that they really will be hitting the dole queue in Jizza’s Marxist paradise if they are not careful. Doing the right thing for the right reason is far, far beyond them. But doing it because they don’t want to drown in the dark and ill-smelling waters of Shit Creek is a possibility.

  4. Rob

    “They’ll need a political party and about 11 million votes.”

    Why bother, it’s working just fine with the existing cretins in place?


    A fine sentiment, but correspondence with mine suggests he’s little more than one of May’s patsies.

    For now anyway. Surely they will have to swap this idiot out pretty damned soon?

  5. PF–That’s my point. Even the biggest idiots are getting a touch of fear at how big a kamikaze dickhead the bitch is. They knew Cheqs would not be the end of her sellout but they never envisaged the creature was as demented as she is.

    It was known she was useless shite from her HO days. But it now seems that all the sly deceit, secret-keeping, brazen lying , sudden changes of direction–all the antics she is trying to pull on us –are all exactly how she was on a smaller scale at the HO.

    In short is not just an evil slag but a mental case to boot.

  6. ‘According to draft documents, the EU wants to ensure the UK pledges to keep its tax rules aligned with those of the bloc as part of any future Brexit agreement.’

    Then that wouldn’t be Brexit.

    OTOH, sure, pledge any damn thing. Won’t matter later. Next PM can tell EU to pound sand.

  7. So connect the tax dispute to the fight against the EU. That’s what a Trump would do – but May?

    Boot the ball unerringly into her own net, assuming she can work out which net is her own.

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