Does Australia produce cotton?

Wearing wool pyjamas to bed instead of cotton gives up to 15 minutes’ extra sleep, new research has found.

Experts say wool helps keep the body in the “thermal comfort zone” most conducive to restful sleep.

Scientists in Australia carried out two studies of young and older sleepers to test the theory.

No, but Australia does produce rather a lot of wool.

Not that this would bias the research, Heaven Forfend, but it might have an effect on how much its publication is publicised….

8 thoughts on “Does Australia produce cotton?”

  1. Except I would get around, very roughly, 8 hours less sleep from wearing itching pyjamas and sneezing…

  2. I can say from my own experience this may be true.

    I sleep much better now that I use a wool pillow rather than cotton, feather or synthetic as I used to.

    Also, I slept better when I used wool blankets rather than now with duvets.

  3. @BraveFart
    Are you so impoverished that you can’t switch back to woollen blankets? Too lazy to do so? Or simply unable to find any in the shops or online? Or don’t want to admit you made a mistake in switching, although you just have of course.

    Or is that greatest terror of all: the Mrs

    But speaking personally stay as you are, I rather enjoy your rather grumpy rants.

  4. Ian Reid

    None of the above, I’m sure.

    Duvets won because people really can’t be arsed to make a bed with sheets and blankets.

  5. In Queensland there is only one acceptable type of PJs:

    In winter, I wear a top around the house when we have guests, but this is discarded when going to bed, and I sleep under a cotton sheet around waist height. In summer, PJs and sheet are dispensed with. I don’t think I could sleep in wool PJs any time of the year, way too hot and uncomfortable.

  6. In NZ merino+possum makes for beautiful sweaters. I don’t remember seeing pyjamas made of the mixture though. Nor do I remember seeing the mixture used in Oz.

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