Dunno really

I have lost count of the number of times over the last twelve years that I have been told that if only I was more reasonable I would be so much more successful.

Fine with unreasonable. I’d hope for informed – maybe not ignorant is a more realistic target.

And that if only I realised my arguments were wrong I could achieve so much more.

Well, yes, having the right arguments might indeed mean that more useful was achieved.

15 thoughts on “Dunno really”

  1. I am assuming a tuberish slant to this.

    If only he was able to recognise obvious fallacies.
    If only he was capable of understanding that half of what he believes contradicts the other half.
    If only he was clever enough to engage in a rational debate without insulting and banning people who get the better of him.
    If only he wasn’t so utterly obnoxious to other people…
    he might have been so more successful.

  2. Depends on your definition of success, but I’d expect a 60 year old accountant who has enjoyed a good professional income for 35 years to have made enough to comfortably retire by now, and to be living somewhere nicer than a mediocre end terrace in Ely, rather than desperately thrashing round for a new gig on the forthcoming expiry of his EU grant.

    And if he had been more reasonable he would have got a peerage and a plum taxpayer funded job advising Labour. Even if the latter didn’t last a peerage is for life. He really screwed up with McDonnell.

  3. Ah yes. Humble in the same way Archbishops of Canterbury are humble.
    Or am I selling him short? Popes?

  4. “if only I was more reasonable I would be so much more successful”

    Let us be thankful that he wasn’t reasonable.

  5. Hang on, doesn’t he claim that his career has been a massive success – cbyc reporting, inventing the concept of the tax gap, people’s QE etc?

  6. Doesn’t he have 2 ex-wives? As a colleague told me when we were talking about retirement, he could have retired 10 years ago if he hadn’t divorced the 1st wife and could retire now if he hadn’t divorced the 2nd wife

  7. “I have lost count of the number of times over the last twelve years”

    How odd. Did he reset the count 12 years ago?

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