Equalising pensions

Mr Justice Morgan found that the payment of guaranteed minimum pensions on an unequal basis is contrary to a legal principle that was established in a case handed down in 1990. The Barber case determined that men and women should receive equal pay for equal work.

Super, so, given that women are likely to be paid a pension for more years than men they’ll righteously get less per year, yes?

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  1. The problem is the article is behind a paywall.

    I would like to read much more; I’ve presented submissions to Justice Morgan and found him outstanding.

  2. I’m waiting for Women Against Pension Inequality to be sued for false representation, as they are campaigning ***FOR*** pension inequality.

  3. @eris23. They do. When I received claim forms for a private pension, one of the questions was about smoking. I checked with the pension company what this had to do with getting a pension, and they told me smokers, boozers, fatties or any other condition considered to shorten life would get a higher pension payment.

  4. John B – correct. The actuarial advisor told me the same.
    With a sepulchral chuckle about actuarians’ bleak view of life.

  5. Pensions based on an actual fund are one thing, GMP is another. The OAP ought to be based on a lifetime fund attached to the individual into which the employer might pay but which remains for the payee to carry with them from job to job, invested subject to restrictions. Is there a country where they do that which we can copy or modify?

  6. Defined contribution pensions in the public sector.

    Gets rid of all these arguments on equality (defined how…)

    Means that public sector workers have their pension savings in the same form as private sector. Most wealth taxes proposed would only hurt private sector savers – how is that fair, or democratically healthy?

  7. “…they’ll righteously get less per year, yes?”

    Or start getting it later than men.

    Both of which would go down like a cup of cold sick with the WASPI lot.

    At least for those who identify as women born in the 1950’s</sarc>

  8. Some women live longer than most men.
    All women live longer than some men.
    Some men live longer than most women.

    Unfortunately, you don’t know how much pension they should have had until they’re dead. Some people die before they get any pension.

    There’s nothing fair about any of it.

  9. Actuaries and personal injury lawyers: properly putting a price on life and limb. Ghastly business, though it is.

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