Amazon creates 1,000 new UK research roles as tech giants hone in on British talent

Hone in on?

Telegraph must still have subs as they write the headlines…..

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  1. It’s not even true. They choose the UK because they can tap into the entire European pool of talent, and we’re fairly relaxed about letting Indian techies work here too. British talent doesn’t do too badly out of the arrangement, but they aren’t Amazon’s primary motivation.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    What Andrew M says, plus think about Amazon’s American executives. Where would they rather travel to and spend time, especially if they are on a posting with families?

    Places like India are fantastic to visit a couple of times but the health precautions soon start to wear. Despite sticking to 5* hotels I still ended in hospital for 2 days and was unable to travel home for nearly a week. There’s also a timezone issue, especially with the west coast.

    European cities are also delightful and don’t have the same health risks, but they do pose language and cultural problems for some Americans. The American telecoms operator I worked for in Zurich had problems getting staff to work there despite English being the language of the business and widely spoken in the community. Zurich also tops many polls for quality of life.

    Its not the only factor but it can be far easier to be based in UK where the language and culture are at least familiar and families will be settled. Its also easier to attract talent from other countries as they are all likely to speak English to a fairly high standard.

    Now all we need is our idiotic politicians to understand this comparative advantage and not make it difficult to import talented people.

  3. “Hone in” has become a standard American misuse, judging by the internet. A bit like their saying “the car careened out of control” – errors, if adopted often enough, enter the dictionary because the drudges conceive of their duty as recording usage (except, presumably, any usages that they deeply disapprove of).

  4. Somebody must have noticed it. As of 1330 UTC the headline says “Homed”. They need to sharpen up their editing. Maybe even hone it?

  5. @Theophrastus
    One struggles to imagine what Zuck thinks he’s getting for a 7-figure salary. Does he even know who Cleggers is? I can’t imagine FB is running short of two-faced lying bastards in their management team.

  6. @Bloke in North Dorset, October 19, 2018 at 9:12 am

    Now all we need is our idiotic politicians to understand this comparative advantage and not make it difficult to import talented people.

    Don’t hold your breath. From May downwards they are in lock-step with EU policy that UK must not have comparative or competitive advantage. Hence why auction houses shifted their business to NY, HK etc.

  7. Interestingly, Nick’s predecessor Richard Allan went to work for Facebook Europe after standing down. But Richard’s professional background *is* IT, whereas Nick’s background is entirely politics.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    @dearieme: the misuse of “careen” is one of my bugbears. Unless the car in question was being laid on its side to scrape off the barnacles, the mot juste is more likely to be “career”.

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