Expensive private business caters to rich people

Well, there’s a surprise:

Harvard’s well-off outnumber low-income students 23 to 1

And the correct result should be?

14 thoughts on “Expensive private business caters to rich people”

  1. Perhaps if folk were to swing by Ron Unzs website they may also discover that a hugely disproportionate number of admissions
    are to those of the Jewish faith.
    Which is why the Ivy league Universities are being sued by a collection of Asian-American organizations for racial discrimination.

  2. What is the incentive structure for the people who do admissions at Harvard?

    When I did uni admissions my incentive was to admit bright enthusiasts because I was going to have to teach the buggers.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that that incentive does not dominate Harvard.

  3. As I understand it, the real value comes at the post grad level, where there are a lot of grants and fees paid from endowments, many of which are paid for by alumni on the condition their own kids get onto the less useful but socially prestigious undergrad path. Equally a lot of smart US kids start at local college and then get a transfer / upgrade to more prestigious schools once they have proved themselves a bit.

  4. Because you’re an anti-Semitic cunt, that’s why. THE JEWS have nothing to do with this story, which you’d already know if you weren’t an anti-Semitic cunt.

  5. DtP – I didn’t express an opinion on whether I agreed or disagreed with Unzs research, I merely thought it germain to the discussion at hand about the constitution of Harvards intake.
    I certainly believe that its worth a discussion about whether the people resposible are unfairly biased about who they let in and who they don’t.
    Simply trying to shout me down and accusing me of racism is so passe post Trump.
    If you cant put forward a decent argument then perhaps its you who should go forth and multiply..

  6. You get called out and what do you do? You play coy. You’re too much the pussy to even express your intent or your opinion. You try to get there via insinuation. Go play with the girly men surrounding Jezza. You’ll be right at home.

  7. DtP

    I have to say you were a bit quick to go full Nazi hunter.

    Harvard used to discriminate against Jews before the war, now they discriminate against American-born Asians. We all know that. I don’t see how saying that makes one a vicious anti-Semite or Sinophobe.

    The bigger scandal is what a money-grabbing scam Higher Education has become.

  8. @ Tim,
    Well that is a matter for Harvard to decide for itself – after all I don’t own it. But to give *one* perspective (which does reflect the charitable origins) I recently got an appeal for donations from my old college, which has rather academic standards than Harvard, for funding for their Bursary scheme which finance the one in *four* undergraduates from low/lower income households (on a sliding scale).
    [For those who don’t understand the difference between Scholarships and Bursaries: Scholarships provide a tiny amount of money and quite a lot of prestige and are awarded solely on academic merit; Bursaries are awarded solely on the basis of financial need (but only to those who have demonstrated sufficient academic merit to earn a place at that particular college).]
    23:1 *looks* a bit out-of-line of what one might expect based on simply choosing students on academic ability BUT that does depend on the definitions chosen for “well-off” and “low-income”. If you choose global standards then 23:1 understates the ratio of “well-off” to”low-income” families in the USA!!

  9. I have to say you were a bit quick to go full Nazi hunter.

    It’s more likely that you’ve been too slow in doing so.

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