Fallacy spotting

Rather than philanthropy, the super-wealthy should give their money to governments that know better how to spend it

Isn’t that an interesting question.

Do they?

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  1. Of the eternal crimes of socialism, mass murder will always be number one.

    But the sheer waste of money, human work, effort and potential cannot be overlooked either.

    Owen Jones is amongst the worst scum this sad nation has ever produced. He has socialist-derived manners and morals that would shame a sewer rat. Millions of murders count for nothing with such trash. So lying about the waste of space, time and oxygen that is the state is all that could be accepted.

  2. So Owen Jones considers it axiomatic that government (let’s be geberous and accept he means democratically elected government) willspend money better by virtue of being “representative”, which in turn is by virrue of that democratic mandate.

    Vood good Pwen. Mow follow that logic and applaud Donald Trump’s budgets in the U. S, applaud the Conservative-led govrrnments defecit reduction achievements over the past 8 years and of course applaud the wisdom of Brexit.

    Meanwhile, I’ll still say the idea of government knowing better is sheer bollocks.

  3. There’s many examples of government trying to run things that the private sector also does: Rochdale council owns warehousing, Durham and Warrington own business parks, Sefton, Chorley and Stockport own shopping centres. But take an easy one – government run airports e.g. Cardiff and Manchester and see if they are giving good service and making a decent return, and compare them to those that are not state controlled.
    If Owen Jones wants a tour of all of the above places, I’m offering.

  4. The Brexit and Trump votes, (a massive shock to the likes of Jones if not to people who live outside the Bubble), rather suggest that even some of the most supposedly democratic governments haven’t been half as “representative” as he seems to think.

    The present UK government is of course still trying its best not to represent a majority of referendum voters.

  5. Bill & Melinda Gates have achieved more to improve the lives of Africans and others in the ‘third world’ with just a ‘few’ billions in a few years than the trillions in foreign aid spending by all the governments of the world over decades.

    Someone should send Jones a copy of Milton Friedman’s “four ways to spend money” for Xmas.

  6. Jones thinks being worth 100 billion means you actually have 100 billion sitting in your high street bank account, doesn’t he?

  7. In 1974 the top rate of income tax was increased to 83% and a surcharge of 15% raised the tax on investment income to 98%.

    I think this tax regime fulfills what Mr Jones suggests. And we know the results.

    The problem is, people who suggest these things are too young to have experienced them in practice, and know no history.

  8. In the US, 85% of charitable foundation board members are white, and just 7% are African Americans.

    So he’s saying the blacks aren’t pulling their weight?

    Blimey, what next from the Owengruppenfuhrer? Crime statistics? IQ studies? He’d better watch out in case he’s invited on Question Time.

    PJF, Ironman – Yarp but remember Humpty Dumpty’s definition of words.

    It’s “representation” when government panders to misfit losers and grievance merchants such as Continuity Remainers.

    It’s racist, gammony populism and basically fascism when they represent stale, pale, hererosexual males like you.

  9. ‘Rather than philanthropy, the super-wealthy should give their money to governments that know better how to spend it’

    “And if they don’t, vee vill take it!”

  10. Gosh, Owen, I know this will be painful and intellectually challenging, but let’s see if I can explain it gently to you.

    Do you still love the Leader, or are you back to hating him again? It’s Saturday, so I can’t be sure. Well, anyway, he reckons that anyone who earns more than he does is super rich. Yes, yes, I know, but that’s what he reckons now, although he may well forget if he becomes a real leader, you know PM and all that.

    Anyway, according to Jez, you’re super rich. Now, you don’t have to wait until someone tells you to pay tax. You can just give the government some money. Yes, honestly. So you can just give them a couple of hundred grand a year.

    Well, some of us call that a PRINCIPLE, Owen, you know, you believe something so that’s how you act. No, really, look it up in a dictionary.

    No, that doesn’t count Owen, if it’s a PRINCIPLE, you don’t have to wait to see if everyone else is doing it.

    No, that doesn’t count either Owen, we already have a socialist government.

    Oh, Owen, that’s not a very nice thing to say, is it?

  11. Bongo: Manchester Airport is an example I was using just a couple of days ago about councils owning commercial property. The thing with Manchester Airport is that the councils *do* *not* own the airport, they own 66% of the company that owns the airport, and have zero day-to-day input on day-to-day management – as it should be. I raised the spectre of the horror of a “Airport Management Policy Committee”.

  12. Surely one of the great problems facing the world is that of rich people embarking on charitable endeavours tacking problems that interest them, for no other reason than those problems interest them. Why, we have people in government who know what problems should be tackled. Some of them have actually studied sociology. And they are being deprived of the resources, and good jobs with pensions, that would come from them having control of the funds.

  13. good ole owen jones – na 34 year old who lookds like he’s 14 and speaks like his balls haven’t dropped. The political opinions oif a 15 year old who was going to fight trump – what was it” hear us roar?” Trump has probably tackled tougher pieces of toast than owen who’s obviously developmentally challenged and when he’s not being used as a sex toy by some arab is hunched over his colouring in books drinking a soy latte. So pathetic makes the potato almost seem intelligent

  14. Between Jones, Mason & Toynbee it’s difficult to decide who is most detached from reality.

    This week’s BBC QT suggests Mason, although Litha “Spray Tan” Nandy’s “I represent the 40% who voted Remain in my constituency” is a challenger.

  15. In one sense the boy is right. Governments spend more freely than drunken sailors. In that regard they are unmatched. Drunken sailors of course are limited to spending their own money, which puts them at a disadvantage.

  16. @Bongo

    Cardiff airport (owned & run by Welsh Gov’t) is a super example of state incompetence.

    Last time I looked, on average, they had as many flights per day as nearby Bristol had per hour.

  17. @pcar -toynbee’s a busted flush – she’s been dribbling on so long that nobody takes any notice of her. Mason thinks wearing a leather jacket makes him some man of the people and jones thinks he’s the voice of the working man. All 3 are laughable- if it wasn’t for the guardian staggering on courtesy of the bbc buying 2/3rds of their print copies toynbee would be stuck at home smelling of cat piss, mason would be stuck in a dole queue and jones would be solicting outside the nearest gents toilet in between being beaten up for being a nonce.

  18. Jones is a fool who doesn’t realise a good thing when he sees it. Much of “his side” is funded and organised by mega-millionaires like Soros. If only government had seized Soros’ money (sorry, given to the government) – they would have squandered it on stupidities and fripperies as they usually do, and we would all be a lot better off.

  19. Well, Tim does quote the article as saying “give the money to governments who know better how to spend it”.

    That doesn’t mean the same as “give the money to governments, who know better how to spend it”.

    So, which governments would that be, and where’s the evidence?

  20. Like spending £12bn on a computer system that doesn’t work?

    The thing with charities, in my experience is how lean most of them are. You tell them you can do a website that delivers 95% of what they want for £15/month, they’ll take that. Government will want every bell and whistle and pay £20K for it.

  21. ‘Like spending £12bn on a computer system that doesn’t work?’

    I should thank y’all for that. That was my company, CSC. I worked for a corporation for 25 years, then got outsourced to CSC. Same job, just different name on paycheck, for 12 more years. The NHS job was in a different department from mine; I heard little about it (NOT MY FAULT!).


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