Field research results

The invention of the mobile telephone has taught Neapolitans to talk with one hand.

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  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Nah. The average Itie listens through earphones and talks to a Bluetooth mic. He still uses both hands for emphasis and elaboration.

  2. Pcar

    And the committee of MPs is chaired by the ghastly Mary Creagh – demented remainiac (she has said the UK leaving the EU would be bad for the planet) and committed bansturbator (she wants a 25p “latte levy” on plastic disposable cups).

  3. It’s stopped drinking and driving. If you’ve got a phone in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, how do you hold a beer as well?

  4. Don’t know if he was a Neapolitan, but an Eyetie twat on the phone hit me in the gut with his free hand while waving it around on a busy Edinburgh pavement.

    I gave him my best death stare.

  5. The Italians took to mobile phones the minute they were available – way ahead of everyone else in Europe.

  6. BiG

    My experience provisioning walkie talkies for Italians hints strongly that the Italian market for batteries must be twice the per capita number for the rest of Europe – boy… can they talk….

  7. Tim,

    O/T, and I know you’ve done it often enough on here, but this is well put across in layman’s terms:

    Of course, you’re assuming that the science on which one performs such calculations is usefully reliable. Meanwhile, yet another nail is despatched, this time (with apologies to Al Gore) in the form of “an inconvenient audit”:

    Lots of interesting failures, but if this bit is true, that’s got to be the most basic of rookie errors:

    New original sites are usually placed in good open sites. As the site “ages” buildings and roads appear nearby, and sometimes air conditioners, all artificially warming the site. So a replacement thermometer is opened in an open location nearby.

    Usually each separate national meteorology centre compares both sites for a while and figures out the temperature difference between them. Then they adjust the readings from the old locations down to match the new ones.

    The problem is that the algorithms also slice right back through the decades cooling all the older original readings – even readings that were probably taken when the site was just a paddock. In this way the historic past is rewritten to be colder than it really was, making recent warming look faster than it really was.

    Thousands of men and women trudged through snow, rain and mud to take temperatures that a computer “corrected” a century later.

  8. PF: Tim can argue all he wants about maximising utility, but it’s an argument most politicians won’t entertain. Because it’s not a soundbite argument whereas “1.5C or the planet gets it” is.

    Of course this is all angels on a pinhead stuff but we’re paying massively for the indulgence:(

  9. Arguing climate change is like aguing with the College of Cardinals in the Vatican the existance of God. Everyone on the other side of the argument has so much staked on the outcome it’s not worth botthering. The can’t afford to deviate from the Gospel because conceding on any part of it could sow doubt about the rest & result in the whole lot unravelling..

  10. With y’all on the climate change boondoggle but back to phones and Italians.

    Met an Italian dentist once in Milan. Charming, good-looking guy. 3 phones: one for the surgery, one for his wife and one for his girlfriend….

    Talk about style….

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Italians drove the concept as PAYG and IIRC Italy was the first country where number of SIMs > population.

    I suppose phones are now so cheap the don’t have to swap SIMs anymore, just have multiple phones.

  12. Ha ha, I’ve just remembered the story of the stripper who puts on a bravura performance and can’t understand why she doesn’t get a round of applause when she finishes.

    “can’t clap with only one hand” comes a call from the audience.

  13. I used to walk into people wearing camouflage gear and say “sorry, didn’t see you”.

    Now I walk straight at people who are staring down at their phone as they walk along.

    It hasn’t happened yet but if I see someone walking along in camouflage gear looking down at his mobile phone, he is in BIG trouble.

  14. My Italian friends wife is able to start her augment (loudly) all by herself before she dialled her poor husband… talk about getting a head start. it’s all the arm waving that gets me!

  15. AndyC: One of the regulars at my local pub often wears camo trousers and a hi-vis vest. No-one can figure out whether they’re supposed to be able to see him.

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