Fun thing I was told

Varied people are telling broadcasters that they simply will not appear on a programme that includes Richard Murphy. Which, given how he’s himself supported no platforming seems rather fun. For I am at least told that the broadcasters are tending to prefer having the not-Spuds rather than the Great Tuber.

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  1. Wasn’t he complaining about the presenter on Talk Radio last time he was on, not exactly endearing himself at any level.
    I’m sure if Corbyn did win an election he would suddenly be claiming to be the architect of Corbynomics again, despite trying to publicaly distance himself from it when things didn’t work out with Labour before

  2. Would love to hear they had said the reasons were, inter alia, that Murphy is a “troll”, whose “contributions do not contribute to the debate”, “he does not represent civil society” and “right-thinking people do not agree with him”.

  3. I’d love for someone to go on there and quote back some stupid thing he’s said on his blog. Let Richie diss it, and then find out they were his own words. There’s entertainment.

  4. I wouldn’t pass up the chance to argue against an obvious moron. Especially a short tempered one who’s dying to make a tit of himself. Dom ‘s idea is excellent!

  5. Is it a quiz Tim ?
    Reasons no one likes appearing with Murphy.
    Is it
    A) He’s so awsum he overwhelms everybody else with his awsumness?
    B) He steals all the biscuits/pies etc from the green room so everyone else goes hungry
    C) he’s a smog obnoxious git who gets up the nose of everybody else
    D)he’s got hands like an octopus and can’t keep them to himself?

    Hopefully it’s d and he’s about to have a metoo# moment , though i suspect it’s c.

  6. I hope you don’t do this Tim – it would be fun to watch him squirm trying to decide if his need for self-promotion is greater than his dislike for you.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    He once threatened to pull out of a conference because Tim was invited. Tim then got disinvited.

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