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Let’s use this idea, shall we?

Teachers must stop devoting so much time to slavery because it puts black children off History, the Royal Historical Society has said.

A new report by the society has found that the “seemingly relentless focus” on the exploitation and abolition of slavery can be “intellectually limiting and, at times, alienating” for black pupils.

We must also stop talking about the patriarchy because that puts young women off.

8 thoughts on “Let’s use this idea, shall we?”

  1. Perhaps the real reason that black children are put off studying history is because history doesn’t involve any black people.

    *chortles and runs off to hide*

  2. It’s not the top of the list teachers must stop doing, though. Not sure we’ll ever get round to this one.

  3. The purpose of it being on the curriculum is not for the benefit of ethnic minorities (or ‘BAME’ pupils as the current phraseology says) it is to reinforce Leftist ideology (right wing = pro-slavery) and provide voters for Jeremy Corbyn or indeed the Hard Left in General. I think they are looking to make history compulsory to 16 anyway to ensure they generate the required level of Corbinites in future. (Seems to be working thus far anyway)

  4. I suspect wanking on about the evils of empire, slavery and the oppression the blacks by evil wypipo puts pupils of all hues off history.

    There’s not much point in teaching eternal victimhood to black kids either.

  5. MC

    ‘There’s not much point in teaching eternal victimhood to black kids either.’

    There is if you want them to dutifully put their vote in for Hard Left candidates at forthcoming elections well into the future, which is of course the primary aim of education.

  6. Purge, Purge, Purge.

    Tho’ all seems futile unless the Fish Faced Cow is purged herself.

    Seems the plan is to put the final ESpew-controlled treason up to HoC vote in January next so no time for amendments and it would have to be a straight treason vs No Deal fight. As low as the Tory Party has fallen there surely must be enough left in them to sink the open, obvious and indeed brazen treason of the Fish Faced Cow and her gang.

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