Look upon my works ye mighty!

The Oxford English Dictionary has accepted idiocracy as an English word this month

Another change that he hath wrought upon the world.

3 thoughts on “Look upon my works ye mighty!”

  1. The staggering Idiocracy of Hillary Clinton

    …And finally there’s the fact that Clinton knows, deep down, that the Tories were not actually siding with Orban’s government but rather were standing up to the EU and its arrogant belief that it has the right to reprimand and punish democratically elected governments. We know she knows this because her chief criticism of Tory MEPs is that they voted to ‘shield Orban from censure’. So she is attacking them for doing something that was actually quite principled: no, not singing the praises of Hungary under Orban but questioning whether Brussels has the moral authority to try to politically re-engineer a government that was freely and fairly elected by its own people, as Orban’s was….

  2. There is a movie called “Idiocracy” (based on the famous SF story “The Marching Morons” by C M Kornbluth).

    Is Murph going to launch a copyright suit?

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