Might be worth a go

Petition to Parliament:

Stop possible second referendum on E.U. membership
There is a growing band of people that want to reverse the result of the democratic vote of this country to leave the European Union and are calling for a second referendum. This is mainly by the people that lost the vote two years ago and cannot accept the democratic vote of the majority decision.

Although not legally binding the referendum on whether we stay or leave the EU carried out on the 23rd June 2016 was the clearest indication of the will of the electorate. At that time our Prime Minister David Cameron assured us that the result of the referendum would be carried out. We must ensure the democracy rules

14 thoughts on “Might be worth a go”

  1. According to the DT, Spreadsheet Phil is threatening the country with an emergency budget to turn the UK into a Singapore-style economy if there is no deal by 30 March next year. Quite why a high wage, low taxc economy with some of the best educational and health services in the world would constitute a threat is beyond me.

  2. If they want a referendum to decide *how* to leave, then meh, go ahead. The problem is, while *saying* they want to vote on the terms of leaving, they wave signs and chant Remain Remain Remain. How can we trust Remain when they lie to us to get their way?

  3. The referendum might have been advisory, perhaps, but the two acts of Parliament that followed, to invoke article 50 and the withdrawal bill, have the full force of law. And neither hold out an offer of another referendum.

  4. Mr Ecks – what crime has May and her gang (we call them MPs by the way) committed?
    Usual to jail people after they have committed a crime.

  5. If you want a laugh, find someone who’s in favour of a second vote. Ask them if, had Remain won by the same margin, they’d support a second vote still.

  6. Martin–Treason, lying, conspiracy with foreign tyrants.

    I was being nice when I spoke of jail. In truth were I running the show their punishment would not be so abstract.

  7. ‘Usual to jail people after they have committed a crime.’

    Usual? How quaint. You’re so old fashioned, what do you think hashtags are for?

  8. “Petitioning scum to punish themselves is very nearly the definition of a waste of time.”

    And ranting splenetically in forums where everyone agrees with you isn’t a waste of time? As a fearless keyboard warrior, I imagined you’d relish the opportunity to gather support for charging the PM with treason. After all, it would show the scum how many people disapproved of them. Have the courage of your convictions, Ecksy!

  9. Dave C–What are you rambling about Numpty?

    Brexit is being betrayed by the remainiac agent scum of BluLabour so it would be quite remarkable if “success” was something defined in any terms other than “how successful have we BluLabour shite been in undermining and ruining the entire thing”.

    And speaking of BluLabour offal we arrive back with Theo.

    Ranting in forums is a fine, valuable use of time compared to being a dues paying, impotent BluLabour supporting and financing stooge in a POS organisation that takes your –freely and stupidly– offered cash and uses it against you. But what to do when you are too much of a snob to vote for a party like UKIP that at least supports some of the things you say you do?

    But of course you want to be there to vote the FFC out when the leadership contest that isn’t going to happen (because most of your MPs are remainiacs and traitors) eventually rolls around.

    As for activism I have sent two hundred communications to the pigshit thick and evil members of the Tory Party and hierarchy in an effort to influence the cunts. I have already signed far too many petitions which the scum took no notice of to waste my time with another.Sure if 20 million people signed it might do just do the trick. If everybody who voted for and now supports Brexit –some 20 million by my estimate–each wrote one letter promising the doom of the Tory Party if Brexit is betrayed , that also would do the trick. But it seems as ever that most folk are stupid and/or lazy.

    I shall continue to do what I can but a massive longshot petition is not amongst my plans. In any case WTF would accept it among such sites anyway? Nor do I have either money or adequate computer expertise to create such a thing myself.

    Never mind courage Theo, you have the sense of your convictions and stop supporting and making excuses for a Party that actively pisses on everything you say you stand for.

  10. @ Kevin Lohse
    It is a threat to Barnier’s France.
    Hammond does not want a “No Deal2 Brexit so he is putting pressure on the guy who is the principal cause of the risk of one.

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