Most amusing about feminism in physics

So, this morning, a furore about Strumia at Cern, thee’s no gender discrimination in physics. He’s fired for heresy.

At noon, the Physics Nobel goes to a woman.


18 thoughts on “Most amusing about feminism in physics”

  1. Organisation for Nuclear Research, said on Monday it was shocked by the “highly offensive” comments made by Professor Alessandro Strumia from Pisa University

    I’m leaning towards Strumia’s point of view.

    I’ll get me coat.

  2. No no, the Nobel given to a woman *proves* that the mouthy sexist Italian was wrong. A woman won 1/4, men won 3/4, therefore women are equal to men.

  3. As a couple of /. posters pointed out:


    Sadly, in the current climate….

    she will never know if she was really worthy of it, or just a diversity token.


    Yes, and in previous years she wouldn’t have known if she wasn’t worthy or if it was systemic bias preventing her from recognition.

  4. I expect we’ll now have a glut of barely capable female speakers doing the using CERN lectures, just to prove how equal women are by boosting them up with special treatment.

  5. This is what Jordan Peterson has been banging on about. If you can speak freely, you can’t think, and society can’t muddle its way forwards to the truth.

  6. Tim

    I went to TRUK today and got myself a history lesson – I believe Murphy must be on the cusp of financial ruin – first post of the day….

    ‘In the UK the sense is that the core desire is to dismantle the effect of 1945. The aim appears to be the destruction of the welfare state. The object is to recreate the raw brutality of inter-war Britain where poverty was used as an economic and social weapon of control. It did not work. But that does not matter. ‘

  7. Didn’t he point out that if there was a gender bias it was in favour of women due to ‘positive discrimination’ and he had a number of postings and policy documents to prove it

  8. Yes, some females can reason well, do maths, write software, do physics, etc; but, even given encouragement, I doubt the male:female ratio in such areas will ever exceed the 80:20 Pareto distribution. Some males gravitate to librarianship, nursing, hairdressing, retail, primary school teaching…; but the 80:20 ratio is quite marked.

  9. The treatment of Prof Cox amuses me somewhat. I think he’s actually quite good as an explicator in a scripted setting. However he’s got in hot water on subjects he’s not got background in. He used to be talked of as ‘The Next Attenborough’ (pbuh), but not any more as far as I can see. Cox is on the occasional astronomy gig on the BBC and ancient repeats on BBC4. The new ‘Next Attenborough’ is now, apparently, one Liz Bonnin who is all over BBC popular sciency progs.

    Many of the science progs on BBC4 have women presenters, which is OK by me as they are (currently) talking about stuff in their own fields. There is the danger that one of the more televisual ones may be asked to do all sorts of unrelated stuff though. This is the BBC after all.

  10. ‘Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland, 2018’s Nobel laureates in physics. Photograph: Nobel Assembly’

    Photograph ?!?!

  11. ‘The head of the academy, Goran Hansson, acknowledged that it was doing more to ensure women were not overlooked for Nobel prizes.’

    So it was social, and not physics.

    ‘The effect was demonstrated by the award committee by levitating a ping pong ball with a hairdryer.’

    I think they demonstrated levitating a ping pong ball with a hairdryer. And having fun with the press.

    ‘Two scientists who discovered how to harness the body’s immune system to fight cancer have won the 2018 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine.”

    I hope someone decides soon.


  12. Tractor Gent
    Fair comment; but why suffer? Why bother with the BBC at all? I gave up on TV 20 years ago. I can barely stand BBC radio either. Even the weather forecasts are crap.

  13. Doesn’t the fact that it went to 3 people and all the media talks about is the woman show the gender bias
    In fitness to her she has handled it very well in terms of graciousness and acknowledging the contribution of the others, one of who was her mentor, it’s just the media being biased

  14. Having had the benefit of femtosecond lasers to fix my eyes I am fully in favour of their inventor winning a nobel prize.

    Too bad her achievement has been hijacked by the femminazis and SJWs.

  15. BBC make the same juxtaposition that Tim poses, when interviewing Dr Rohn.

    [Prof Strumia’s comments]:

    If you took them at face value, they could be quite demoralising – he is a big-shot professional. Most of what he presented has been debunked and there’s been a swift universal rebuttal from the science community of his comments.
    [Greatest achievement:] Managing to cling onto my job. Most women I know were forced to leave.

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