Could takeaway sauce sachets made from seaweed save our oceans drowning in plastic?

Betteridge’s Law. It is left as an exercise for the reader as to why……

9 thoughts on “No”

  1. 1. Proprietary
    2. Cheaper than plastic
    3. Less carbon emissions to create

    one,two or three of these points are very likely to be untrue.

  2. Most of plastic in the ocean is not takeaway sauce packets… it is also mainly (>90%) from 10 rivers all in third world countries and not from The Chippy down the street.

  3. Mal,

    It seems that much of the plastic chucked in third-world rivers to control the marine mammal population originates in the west. Exported to the third world for “recycling”, to make western fusspots feel better about themselves.

  4. Are sauce sachets such a problem?

    Is there enough seaweed and how will it be harvested?

    Won’t restaurants and fast food outlets be drowning in sauce as the sachets gently rot?

    Does it really cost in?

  5. I’m happy to see you wogs have solved enough of your other pressing problems that the government can now focus on the existential threat that is plastic sauce packets.

    Makes a septic like me downright jealous.

  6. As with all biodegradable containers, the main problem is how quickly it biodegrades. Sauce sachets spend a lot of time sitting around unopened: at the wholesaler, at the takeaway, and of course the spare ones that customers don’t use but chuck into a kitchen drawer “just in case”.

    Furthermore, any flexible liquid container has a poor failure mode: if it leaks, you have sauce all over your kitchen. So the standard deviation is as important as the mean time to failure.

    From the article:

    The seaweed packaging, which biodegrades as fast as a piece of fruit, …

    There’s your problem. These sachets need to last several months, not days.

  7. The seaweed packaging, which biodegrades as fast as a piece of fruit, …

    No problem, wrap it in vacuum sealed plastic – oh wait

  8. Talking of bio-degradable.

    Mercedes used bio-degradable insulation of their engine bay wiring looms on their top of range model (the double glazed one). Hasn’t been a success

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