Oh, but we’re the good people!

Officials who have been paid off since Corbyn’s allies seized control of party headquarters have signed clauses that stop them going public on the scale and severity of sexual harassment, bullying and anti-semitism cases against members. The party made extensive use of non-disclosure agreements despite Labour’s outrage at such contracts being used to conceal the identity of a leading businessman accused of sexual harassment and racism. He was named in the House of Lords as Sir Philip Green, the billionaire boss of Topshop. He has denied the claims.

7 thoughts on “Oh, but we’re the good people!”

  1. Why should anyone expect anything except utter hypocrisy from the scum of socialism?

    Having murdered 150 million and still posturing as the exclusive owners of moral high ground it should be obvious that they are the scum of the Earth.

  2. Some of us who have experienced a touch of socialism realise what Jezza’s slogan means in practice.

    It’s disgusting behavior if the many do it, but it’s ok for the few.

    If you’re driving your car and have an accident, the rule for the many is you must stop and report it. If you’re one of the few, Harriet Harman, say, or Ed Balls, you just drive off.

  3. CM scum use terms others value. Like peace, equality, justice, blah, blah, blah. They DON’T BELIEVE IN THEM! They use them because YOU BELIEVE IN THEM.

    ‘Labour’s outrage at such contracts’

    No, they aren’t outraged at such contracts. They are outraged at billionaires. Which justifies anything CM want to do. They believe that their opposition isn’t just wrong, they are bad people.

    The legacy press and Hillary keep telling us that Republicans are bad people. And when fighting evil, moderation is no virtue. Nor is honesty.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Not surprised. This is the party that thinks keeping the poisoned dwarf as speaker rather than follow up on a report on bullying of the HoC workforce.

    Its an insult to workers that they maintain the name and claim to speak for labour.

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