One of these is not like the others

I have some other suggestions. Turkeys for Christmas, perhaps. Women For Weinstein. Gypsies for Hitler.

Harvey did develop a number of female careers as the quid pro quo, no?

14 thoughts on “One of these is not like the others”

  1. Turkeys & Christmas?

    From the same gang of leftist scum who are mass importing the “throw’em-off-the-roof” brigade?

    Stupidity cannot explain it. Only sheer evil, sheer wickedness can be the key.

    Alistair MacLean thought it was Fear. No. Evil is the Key.

    I need a film script to go with the title.

  2. Imagine being a gay and not wanting your country to slide into full-scale Third World anarcho-tyranny, with an thin white crust of privileged elitists lording it over a vast, filthy, crime-ridden brown favela from sea to garbage-filled sea.

    Makes no sense.

    Remember, kids, DRUMPF is not normal, but techies inventing smartphone-compatible interactive poop maps so you can reduce your exposure to human shit whilst navigating the streets of San Francisco is Progress with a capital P.

  3. Philip Scott Thomas

    What exactly is ‘incredible’ about Gays for Trump? The Donald is hands-down the most gay-friendly President we’ve ever had. Even more so than the mighty O, who, remember, was opposed to same-sex marriage before he in favour of it.

    Chad Felix Greene, FWIW, is exceptionally good on this.

  4. OT-But does anyone know who the main shareholders might be at the Daily Mail?

    This new Geordie Cunt bloke kissing May’s arse and turning the DM into The New European ( period-poverty emergency tampon edition ) needs to be countered.

    Sales will likely start to fall soon ( all dead tree sales have fallen but the DM less than most others cos it was a Brexit paper) as the readers decline to kiss Treason Mays arse via DM exhortation.

  5. How many women did Harvey Weinstein kill?
    Foul person that he is and thoroughly deserving of the stocks (probably a horse-whipping but I am not privy to what actually happened), no-one had told me that he was a murderer.

  6. To be fair, the women that Weinstein ‘helped’ ended up being mentally deranged by the experience.

    So, not an unalloyed good.

  7. Given that Trump publicly supported legalizing gay marriage before either Hillary or Obama, I think we can safely say that this bimbo is more interested in making a fashion statement than a political one.

  8. Jonathan said:
    “To be fair, the women that Weinstein ‘helped’ ended up being mentally deranged by the experience.”

    Yes, but they did become actresses.

  9. Hmm the bit about Weinstein forcing women into cattle trucks and transporting them halfway across Europe so they could be starved, worked and gassed to death must have slipped by under my radar.

    I’m shocked.

  10. “To be fair, the women that Weinstein ‘helped’ ended up being mentally deranged by the experience.”

    As someone who has had a bit of contact with Hollywood types, I’d have to note that first you’d have to establish that they weren’t mentally deranged before the experience.

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