One way of looking at this

Pornography should be treated as a public health issue like smoking and ministers should launch an advertising campaign to stop people from watching it, a new report states.

Men should be warned of the impact porn has on wider society and the dangers it poses, the Women and Equalities committee said, and viewing it should also be banned on public transport.

MPs made the recommendations in a new cross-party report because of growing concerns about the way pornography influences male attitudes towards women amid a rise in sexual harassment.

The report, published today, details the many different ways in which women are sexually harassed or abused in society, from school and university to public…

One way is that women have power over men because they control access to nookie. The Robert Heinlein point, that only on Earth could there be a shortage of what every woman has an infinite supply of. Thus the condemnation of those girls who are no better than they should be.

That’s all getting a little Jordan Peterson of course.

Another is that if the blokes are getting their rocks off watching the screen then what energy will they have left to attack women? We are asbsolutely certain that pornography and sexual assault are substitutes, not complements, after all.

But that’s being scientific.

But quite how we say that porn is a public health issue akin to smallpox is unknown.

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  1. Who are these fucking MPs?

    Do they have no work beyond sitting round on their fat arses endorsing every minute point of canting Marxist tyranny that the scum of the Senior Civil Service can put in front of them? In between coffee and cakes and boozy lunches of course.

    It seems not, because–like the projectile diarrhea that they are–hardly have British freedoms been sprayed with one lot of dogmatic socialist filth than, sans even dripping time, the next wave of dictatorial foulness is airborne.

    I pray daily for the removal of the FFC. But that is only step 1. Fire and the sword must fall on all the scum wasting our time and money in the Chamber of Secrets(hite).

  2. Men should be warned of the impact porn has …

    Health warnings on porn, like on cigarette packets? What image would they use?

  3. The pendulum swings again in ‘Progressive’ opinion. Every thirty, forty years ago it swings from one extreme to the other on issues such as this. Alcohol and drugs are another. The people on that committee would have been adamant in favour of liberalisation 50 years ago and as convinced of their righteousness as they are now.

  4. I thought that the figures consistently and clearly showed that sexual assaults were less common in societies where porn was more available?

    Of course, the figures will have changed suddenly and recently in places like Sweden for reasons which will not be honestly reported by any researcher who wants their career to continue.

  5. Ecks has covered the MP issue adequately, leaving me only to observe that society always thinks that there is too much shagging going on whereas most individuals think they are not shagging enough.

  6. Are the the Women and Equalities committee jealous of the competition?

    Feminists have redefined normal, everyday male-female interactions as sexual harassment and then make the claim that sexual harassment has massively increased.
    When you add millions of rapey third-world men to the mix it’s a recipe for disaster.

    BTW. Will they be telling the Ladies of the harmful effect that Romantic Novels – porn for women – have on their lives and society as a whole?

  7. Is the science out of date? Do we know the effect of porn on generalised persons of no additional adjectives necessary?

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Indeed. 40 years ago Mary Whitehouse was a hate figure of the left, it won’t be long until she’s the ne Mother Teresa.

  9. Many bloggers warned that the hate campaign against smokers (see what I did there?) would be a template for many future bansturbators.

    They want ministers to launch an ad campaign? Is that what the Mother of Parliaments is reduced to?

    Well, it’s how they started the ball rolling with smoking. So porn is no different. Except as others have commented, it may be beneficial. So we have the Jehova Witness attitude to medicine here. Porn may save a few women from being raped, and we want to stop women being raped, but my desire to stop men and women watching porn is greater, so tough luck.

  10. Will this encompass reading ’50 Shades of Grey’ on the Tube too? Or all those bloody ‘shifter romance novels’ my Kindle keeps suggesting I read?

  11. “women have power over men because they control access to nookie”

    That’s more Maggie McNeill than Jordan Peterson.

  12. Bit sexist to suggest only men consume pornography. But even more stupid to wrap up all pictures of people doing sexual stuff as pornographic. A real devaluation of language.

  13. Look, I’m an old man and like many men my age, my prostrate has swollen to the extent that it can take me ten minutes to drain my bloody bladder.

    Now, I find that regular masturbation can reduce the time it takes for me to pee in the morning, thus freeing me up for more productive tasks like making breakfast and surfing the net.

    Unfortunately, another symptom of my advancing years is a bit of difficulty occasionally in getting the old man up and while I have an active imagination, a bit of visual stimulation helps enormously,

    So, if they start banning porn I’m going to demand free access from the NHS. At my age, wanking is important to my health and a recent study found that draining the prostrate manually can help prevent prostrate cancer.

    So chaps, let’s start an awareness campaign to tell the prodnoses to keep their dirty hands off our porn.

    What colour do you reckon the ribbon should be?

  14. “Is the science out of date? Do we know the effect of porn on generalised persons of no additional adjectives necessary?”

    It’s a good question. Maybe the problem is that they don’t have enough access to porn, and we can fix things by sending them some?

    It’s worth a try.

  15. Kevin B

    You should talk to your doctor about nice medical compounds with minor side effects which reduce the size of your horribly swollen prostate, and about other medicinal compounds which can increase useful bloodflow to other fairly adjacent body parts…

  16. Young men everywhere want and need to steam off. Basically a certain dose of alcohol, violence and sex is a necessary thing for normal mental and physical development. Chasing tails and a bit of pushing and shoving at closing time is enough to keep things from getting worse. A lot worse.
    Look at Muslim society. Alles ist verboten. No booze. No sex. So the totality of the young male ennui gets channelled into violence. We’d have had no need for a war on terror if the young men of the middle east were out boozing, fighting and shagging birds.

  17. Porn now causes lung cancer? And has it replaced obesity as a threat greater than global warming?

    And since evidently it has only just been invented, it’s not like we have had thousands of years to observe the dangers and impact on wider society, which would be approximately equal to zero.

    The alleged rise in ‘sexual harassment’ is entirely due to the inclusion of hitherto innocuous behaviour – Hey! Sparra’s ankles, fancy a dance?

    But anyway. MPs – you want an ad campaign? OK, go ahead, have a blast, you fund it so we can see how much of a problem you really think it is.

  18. It should not be forgotten that a massive amount of women consume and generate porn and most of them do not consider themselves victims, eg Stormy Daniels and the hundreds of women running BIS’s life for him

  19. So, if they start banning porn I’m going to demand free access from the NHS

    Your state-approved porn will be delivered in 6-8 months’ time. The actresses are chosen not for their talent or beauty, but for their conformity to social targets. Debbie Does Djibouti, Talk Dirty To Me (but don’t harass me), and the EU-approved title 30.48cm.

  20. “Kevin B, your post at 11.48 was, in a crowded field, possibly the best I have ever read.”

    K. But more information than I wanted.

  21. Kevin B… Your mictuitary problems would be alleviated by having a TURP (Trans-urethral Resection of the Prostate), admittedly though it’s nothing like as enjoyable as the method that you presently utilise… 🙂

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