Politics, eh?

May moves to end austerity
PM pledges billions despite Brexit uncertainty

Theresa May has declared that Britain’s decade of austerity is over with a pledge to increase public spending after Brexit. The prime minister used her conference speech to make a series of costly commitments that will limit the options of Philip Hammond, the chancellor, in this month’s budget. They also led to immediate demands for more money by other cabinet ministers.

If they get to spend the sweeties then I get to spend more sweeties!

11 thoughts on “Politics, eh?”

  1. There I was, reading a book on psychiatry, when I thought,”why do so many politicians ideas seem facile, Ill considered and childish.?”

    Then I realised all the other things that take precedence in the politicians brain.

    Conservative; 1 Expenses
    2 Property portfolio
    3 Lunch
    4 Dinner
    5 Freebies

    Labour 1 Oppose Tories and try to avoid deselection.
    The rest as for Tories.

    How on earth do we expect them to run the country? Far better to leave it to the Germans.

  2. May is without doubt the rottenest, most vile, scummy, arrogant, stupid , treasonous bitch and female sack of global-elite sucking shite ever to have poisoned the already vile brew of British politics.

    She now it seems intends on an even bigger sellout to get her Cheqs shite agreed by her EU masters making it even LESS than BRINO.

    I have inveighed against torture in this blog. But she deserves to be publicly tortured and then hanged Tyburn-style for betrayal of these Isles.

    Her only chance to get the evil cockrot thro is ZaNu support in the HoC and it is hard to see why even her fellow traitor Jizz would want to save her bacon at the expense of millions of votes for his own gang at the next GE when he can vote her shite down and push for an early GE based on Tory division.

    The ONLY chance the Torys have is a decent Brexit. Any other way they lose.

    And she repeats her farcical Dipshit African Dance and talks utter baboon’s bollocks about a spree spending money we don’t have. Trying to bribe us with our own money EU-style.

    The vile stupid cow.

    PS-As bad is the way the DM is now kissing her arse under their new remainiac SOS editor.

  3. Rob – Hot water, it looks like.

    Pcar – I’m only vaguely aware of who Batten is, but sounds like either:

    * He’s doing a terrible job, losing all his MEPs


    * He’s doing a great job, clearing out dead wood

    I’d like to believe it’s the latter, but that’s not how it looks to the Steve in the street.

    If there’s one thing I’d suggest, it’s that if you’re going to grasp the third rail in our political system, you damn well better have the charisma and brand discipline of a Trump or a Salvini.

    People are absolutely sick of political correctness, but they still don’t want to be accused of being raciss. Or, worse, common.

  4. “People are absolutely sick of political correctness, but they still don’t want to be accused of being raciss. Or, worse, common.”

    Then they had best wake up from their attacks of the vapours Steve or they will have a fuck sight more to worry about than PC cockrot accusations.

    Batten is the only polit around with the balls to face the migrant capers head on. He is saying what needs to be said and –of course–every lying SOS out there is trying to get on his case.

  5. So where is the money coming from?
    Perhaps we will stop sending foreign aid to British hating despotic sh*tholes, countries which have its own space programme, or countries which take our money and spend it on weapons and planes from other countries instead of improving the lives of its citizens. We could even save a bob or two by stopping the subsidies in the bars and restaurants in the HoC and HoL, as well as reassessing the expenses system for MPs. Is it worth while holding my breath?

  6. Are we living within our means then? Did we ever? Do we plan to do so in future?

    Odd definition of “austerity” imho.

  7. @Penseivat, October 5, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Coincidently, came across subsidy in Westminster yesterday:

    Palace of Westminster, like Buckingham Palace, can sell alcohol (tobacco too I’d assume) duty-free.

    Doesn’t mean it must.

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