Right to be forgotten

An interesting insistence on Google enforcing the right to be forgotten

Now not in Google.

8 thoughts on “Right to be forgotten”

  1. BiW

    So, it is in fact google that specifically have inadvertently revealed something that – had they not blocked the search – would otherwise have been impossible to deduce?

    I’m not sure that that’s how it’s supposed to work..:)

    And I had forgotten all about the poor girl – err, until google insisted on exercising her right to be forgotten….

    She should complain. To google. About google.

  2. SBML

    Is this page going to be blocked by Google now?

    No, none of this makes any difference.

    Google aren’t blocking offending pages continually. As we’ve seen with the little game above, it only blocks a page if one puts a certain “forgotten” word into the search.

    If those naughty words aren’t on the page to start with, then the google search wouldn’t offer that page up in any case.

    But it is amusing that every time they “actively forget” someone, the current process can have the opposite effect..:)

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