Roasted coffee

Should be able to get a deal with Starbucks here. They always do seem to over roast the beans:

Dartford fire: shocking footage shows huge inferno at coffee factory in Kent

6 thoughts on “Roasted coffee”

  1. Are there thousands of baristas wailing, building porta shrines, holding a candle-lit vigil outside the factory and blaming evil Tory cuts?

    All Costa’s and Starbucks holding a minutes silence to remember all the dead coffees?

  2. Anyone with any sense who has cash and who spends a considerable amount of time at home has their own espresso machine. Like me. It’s an amazing bit of kit and an absolute bargain to boot.

  3. When we get offered home brew coffee from one of those machines it’s invariably feeble stuff compared with our own – usually made with a filter or a plunger.

  4. When a uni I wrote a paper on coffee..
    Required lots of research of course. One thing that became apparent was the need to compensate for bean variety and quality.. starsucks etc do this by over roasting. But you knew this already. My advice for coffee lovers is always grind your own , don’t buy pre ground it looses its key aroma in around 15mim of open the pack.

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